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Day 34


Morning all

Day 3 of 14mg patch. Doing ok.Had a crave yesterday teatime , same as day before.Had gum and was fine.

I just thought i would share what happened last night.

Most of you know that my Daughter is going in hospital Monday to be induced.

Last night we had to take her in to have a trace as she had not felt baby move for 6 hours. Everythings fine. Now what was funny is that my 20 year old son who hasn`t really shown much interest tried to phone me at 10pm to say he was staying home and not at his girlfriends. All our phones were off as we were in hospital. He came home and started looking for wet patches incase her waters had broken:D .He then drove to the hos but went to the wrong part. He saw someone who directed him to deliveries. SUPPLY deliveries:D .He then phoned nhs direct to ask where the maternity was.

He ended up at casualty dept saying "wheres my sister". They said they wasn`t allowed to tell him even if she was there.They probably got mug shots of him all around the hos.:D We met him when we came out. He was still trying to find us. Laugh , i nearly wet myself.

Next time i will leave a note.

Barb x

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ha ha ha

lol thanks for writing that post, that is funny, hope your son sees the funny side of it haha. :D :D :D

Hi Destiny

Day 13 for you.Well done.

We couldn`t stop laughing. My daughter is only 17 and it proved that her big brother does care about her.AAHHH.

Barb X

lol at looking for wet patches.:D Bless him.

LMAO I bet he was a lighter shade of pale!! hehehehe

I bet he leaves home altogether by the 10th midnight call by baby next week :eek: next week omg this time next week you'll have a 3-4 day old baby!!

hmm when i went in for a trace following lack of movement i was in labour 24hrs later!! I found all of mine slowed right down 48-24hrs before birth!

Next time i will leave a note.

Nah wheres the fun it that? :rolleyes: hehe

~Buffy x x

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