newbie on champix

hi all im new here my hubby, steve36, recommended this site to me so here i am putting my first post.

I am starting to take champix tomoz morning and really looking forward to stopping smoking. I did stop for a week with the patches but i didnt get on with them so went to the smoking clinic got told to see the gp so saw gp tonight and got my champix. I will post again when im on my way with the champix

good luck to everyone else speak soon

luv jenny

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  • Welcome Jenny

    Good luck for 2morrow. You and Steve will be able to help each other along.Congrats to you both.:)

    See you in Day 1.

    Barb x

    Good luck Steve on your no patches.

  • I answered the other post :D

    ~Buffy x x

  • Hi Jenny,

    I started on champix, am now on day 10 of no cigarettes and am loving it!

    I am living the life I have always imagined I could have.

    It is the best decision you will ever make!

  • im on day 4 on champix and starting taking 2 tablets now, ive noticed im having a cig but only smoking half of it. doing really well had no side affects either apart from dry mouth lol. hubby doing well aswell he on day 17 now im really proud of him. anyway ill keep you all updated as i go along but doing well and thank you for all your messages

    luv jenny

    keep it up everyone you all doing well

  • Well done Jenny x

    Glad you are getting the benefits already x remember to keep up your water intake.

    Get ready and organised with a plan of action of things to occupy yourself with, for your quit !!

    wooo are you actually getting excited about quitting now?


    ~Buffy x x

  • im really looking forward to saturday and getting up andnot having a cig i cant wait lol

    im drinking that much i get up during night lol

  • go jeny go!!:D

    if its any help i've found taking the night one early evening has suited me as i find it gives me a boost for the night and also i sleep a little better if i dont take it last thing before bed

    well done you and hubby too

    champix chompers of the world unite!:D

  • thank you for all the advice its greatfully recieved. ill take nite one about 9pm as i go to bed after 10 so should be ok will keep u all updated though

  • Go for it Jenny!

    I'm on day 13 now, after another successful weekend involving alcohol, so******ing and not smoking. The champix is great but so is this forum for support and advice.

    I've also been listening to Paul McKennas stop smoking CD in bed with the light off. I've never got past the 'counting' part before I'm flatout asleep but I'm sure it's going in subliminally as well! ( I have a cracking nights sleep as an added bonus!).

    Good luck and keep us posted on how Saturday goes.

  • Me again - don't know why the forum put asterisks in my post - wasnt saying anything I shouldn't !!

  • hehe it's annoying if a word contains a#n#a#l or such like, it blanks it out even though it is part of an innocent word!

  • hi

    good luck !!! i coulnt have got this far without champix (day 15)

  • I would like to wish you all the best champix users.

    I am about to finish the 12 week course on wednesday, and then im on my own, i must say ive missed quite a few of my tablets so im hoping that it wont be a major shock to my system wednesday onwards.

    i am begining to get the odd crave but ive come this far so im not giving in.

    I would like to thank you all for your support, especially buffy you are a star.

    kazza cheers girl, and boudeeeeeeeeeee nice to see you bk on keep strong.

    I have been quit for 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 21 hours and 24 minutes (85 days). I have saved £584.43 by not smoking 2,662 cigarettes.Days,

    My Quit Date: 22/04/2007 00:30

  • Wow! :eek:

    Look at you! well done x x x x

    You have come so far your absolutely right!

    Thanks for keeping in touch x x your an inspiration!

    ~Buffy x x x x

  • Wolfy, you are an inspiration! Keep us 'users' posted on how it is when you come off the champix please.

    I am LOVINGGGGGG not smoking even though it is only day 14!

    With my new found committment to loving life, I am about to sign up for a sponsered freefall (with the Red Devils) for the RNLI (lifeboats to all those non-nautical people). A jump has been on my list of things to do for a long time but I wouldn't allow myself to do it if I was still smoking. That's in August and I know I will still not be smoking then!

    Morning to all you non-smokers today. All have a great day!

  • Good morning Shark x x x x

    Look at you jumping out of a plane :eek:

    Heheheh I see you got the non smoking love for life bug :D

    Doesn't it Rock!?

    W0oT ~Buffy x x

  • Hiyah Buffy x

    'They' don't tell you that you will feel this fantastic!

    I'm on a complete high today!!

    I certainly didnt last time I gave up - but then I was waiting to start again in the future!

    It is the Dogs B****ks! Who needs anything except life! (Having said that I'm having some champagne tonight te he)

  • Champers darling! I say How the other half live hey?!


    Yes when You get the buzz it feels great x x

    ~buffy x

  • hi guys hows everyone doing? i doing great ive just had my last ciggie and going smoke free with champix tomorrow, i thought id do it tomorrow as im gonna have a good 8 hours sleep where im not gonna have any nicotine atall so here goes guys wish me luck. keep up the good work everyone. ill keep you all updated

    luv jenny

  • Go girlie. I'm on the end of day 3. Who needs those dirty stinking sticks anyway? :confused:

    Keep focused and laugh in the face of Nik O tine, I do and I'm gonna beat the little s**t.

  • Hi Everyone, I'm on day 11 of Champix, My Quit day is set to tomorrow:eek: , is it as easy as everyone says it is on these posts??

  • Hello Dobsy. Its as easy as you make it. I'm at the end of 4 days now and have just had a curry and a bottle of wine. I dont need a smoke :cool:

    Go for it chap.

  • Hi there,

    am also on champix, quit 5 days ago, think im doing pretty well up to now! Has been mostly ups and not many downs but still wary that old nic could mess with my head at any time. Just need to keep busy and not sit about moping, hope it works! Mel.:)

  • Hello Mel,

    We have two things in common. My auntie Ann and Uncle David live in Norden so I've been to Rochdale loads of times over the years and we we both wanna quit smoking.

    Welcome to the board and I hope you manage to kick it with the support of this site.

  • Cheers Dickyboy!

    Have been browsing this forum for days now and have found loads of good advice off everyone so thought i'd say hi. :) Also nice to know someone has actually heard of rochdale!

  • hi guys well didnt make it to quit day without a ciggie but today ive only had 2 ciggies and i didnt even really want them they even tasted nasty as well i felt physically sick so looks like today is the day for me to stop. dont feel to bad glad they making me feel sick in a sense lol makes it easier for me to turn round and say im not going to have another cig again.

    hows everyone doing steve doing really well as well he on day 23 now i think

    keep up the good work guys

    speak soon

    luv jenny

  • Hiya Jenny

    Hope you have had a good day and wondered how you are getting on with the Champix? Hope that you are doing ok - keep at it.

    Day 1 almost over - congrats!!

  • thanx for reply kitten she doing ok reading latest harry trotter booktokeep her mind off it lol :D

    btw im her hubby lol

  • Is that the wizard with the robin reliant? :rolleyes: hehehehe

    Glad she's doing well x x x Go Jeny!! ~Buffy x x

  • Dobsy

    just thought id say hi, as its only you and i on here at the mo xxx

  • Hi All, Made it to day 4, stop day was Saturday, not smoked since 12.30 am Friday night/Saturday morning, I'm find it quite easy on champix, a bit too easy, where's the downer?:confused: , I'm sure it will come but hopefully not, have tried everything from patches, Zyban & bioresonance treatment!!:( , but champix does really make it easier, smoked for 25 years on 30+ a day. Also reading a really good book "how to stop smoking & stay stopped for good" by Gillian Riley which is really helpful.

  • Hi Sandie:) thanks

  • nail it down

    The only downer you will find with champix is the hand/mouth nail down everything that will fit into your mouth!


  • Hi,

    Newbie to the forum here! I am on Champix at the minute and it has been good so far! My quit day is going to be tomorrow so I hope I can get through it ok.

    The main problems I found is that I felt sick (either that I had something stuck in my throat which I needed to get out by being sick, or having a really empty feeling in my stomach). My quit nurse told me to start taking them with milk to see if that helped and I haven't noticed it as much.

    Also if I take them too late in the night I have trouble getting to sleep, but if I take them earlier I actually have a good night sleep! (I don't normally sleep well anyway!)

    But I must admit they have helped me cut down a lot so far anyway. I just don't really feel like them all the time just some of the time, so really the battle of cravings should be a lot less for me tomorrow!

    I have tried CT, patches, gum, acupuncture, Alan Carr, tabs and pretty much everything at on point or another and so far Champix has been great!

    Heres hoping I can keep it up!


  • Hello Christof x x x

    Welcome to the site! sounds like your a bit of a quit pro! lol

    Hope the champix continues to help you down your road to non smokingdom xx

    Maybe a little food before the tablet will help? then drink water with it and through out the day. I have also heard pill splitting can help, try taking half tablets twice as often so you are splitting the course more evenly over the day.

    Good luck and keep posting ~Buffy x x

  • Hi Buffy,

    Thanks for your reply. I never eat in the mornings so that has been when I have really noticed the problem, but I wasn't aware that you could split the tablets to even out the doses! That might help a lot!

    I am getting a bit jittery about tommorrow, but I am trying my best today to smoke as few as possible so I am ready for the final quit!

    I will keep posting to let you all know how I am doing!


    Christof :D

  • Christof

    Hi christof,

    Welcome and congratulations on your quit tomorow.

    I am on day 6 of not smoking but I did feel very sick for the first 10 days before I stopped. It definately does help if you can eat something first as well.

    Good luck and keep posting,

    Befly xx:D :D

  • :D hehehe I never used to eat breakfast!! (unless 2 cups of tea and 3 cigs count :D)

    Till I quit! think you will find that eating in the mornings will become easier :rolleyes:

    Good Luck for tomorrow x x x hope the eating and pill splitting help you x x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Morning,

    Well it is only coming upto 10am but I haven't had a ciggy yet. It was weird this morning, but it wasn't that hard! The one that I think I might really want is after I have finished my dinner!

    I will let you know how it goes!

    Thanks for the words of encouragment! :D

    Christof. :cool:

  • Well done Christof x x x x So far so good :D

    If you are worried about the after dinner ciggy (totaly empathise there!) Plan ahead and think of something else to do.

    I bought in Mint tea and would drink a cup of that instead. You could think of anything though, an after dinner walk? Wash up?? :p hehehehe

    Stay strong and keep posting xxx~Buffyxxx

  • Hi Buffy,

    To be honest, last time I quite I always worried about the cravings for my "after food ciggy" so guess what my way of dealing was...!?

    I just kept eating! I found that if I kept eating then I didn't want one! LOL! Stupid I know! But so far with the Champix the cravings have been minimal so I may indeed go for a quick walk after I eat and that should clear any problems.

    Hopefully I shouldn't need to put on a zillion stone to quit! I must admit the Champix have left me feeling hungry a lot though!

    Christof. :cool:

  • Eating oh dear I empathise totaly :D

    As long as it aint smoking! hehehehe

    Enjoy the walk later x x x ~Buffy x x x

  • Hiyah Christof,

    On champix too and now into my 6th smoke free week.

    I am lovin my food (probably just a bit to much to be honest) but don't worry about it - champix really is great. My body has sort of evened itself out and although I am eating so much more now, the few pounds I started to put on have steadied out now - think its down to the increased energy you get from not filling your lungs with chemicals and crap all day, so you are that bit more active.

    Plus everyone who stops seems to join a gym, get a bike, get a dog etc cos you have that much more time and energy.

    Your doing great, like its been said already have a strategy for your after dinner moment so that you know how to deal with it and you'll be fine.

    Good luck, enjoy the start of your new smokefree life ! :)

  • Evening all,

    Thought I would update you! It has gone really well today! I wasn't sure I would be able to make it, but with a bit of will power and words of encouragement from people such as yourselves it hasn't been so bad! I have had the odd cravings, but they are much more manageable on Champix which is great!

    And plus, I haven't eaten non-stop all day! Went out for my walk after lunch as suggested by Buffy! It was nice and I am sure that I could smell better already because I noticed things I never had before! And I have been down to the beach this evening running! Didn't do too great but I am hoping that come a few months down the line I should be a lot fitter! I am hoping to compete for charity in a few months so need to get ready for that!

    Anyway, bring on day 2!

    Christof! :cool:

  • Well done, way to go.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxx

  • Well done christof,

    Keep up the good work your doing great!

    I must say I do admire you, going our running! I did think about going out for a walk, does that count? ;)

    Befly x x :)

  • Befly - Of course thinking about it counts. Have you heard about how Olympic athletes train? They visualise themselves doing a run or a certain move over and over in their head while sitting still. When they do this it creates the neurolinks in their brain so that when they actually come to do it, their brain already knows what to do and it tells the muscles how to do it. So in reality we could all be Olympic athletes if we just put our grey matter to good use! ;)

    Just a question, does everyone else's brain just keep thinking about smoking relating things nearly all the time? I am sick of it, I wish I could find the "off" button on my brain right now!

    Christof :cool:

  • Wow thats cool!! I may have to apply that to something :rolleyes: not sure what yet but i love to experiment :D

    Oh I am affraid the off switch is a little further along the way, oooohhh you could visualise yourself switching off the switch???? that may help???

    Seriously it is tough and everything seems to resemble a cigarette or some kind of smoking paraphinalia (no spell check at mo >_< )

    It eases with time and then you wake up and it's like wooo not thought of anything remotley smoking like in ages!!

    Your doing great x x stay strong

    ~Buffy x x

  • Christof well done, that switch is a nuisance, its as Buffy says, everything seems to look like a ciggie, also have you noticed when watching TV which I dont very often, the people in the programme are always smoking, its worse I notice when you are quitting. A typical programme was Life on Mars (not the chocolate)

    Anyway stay strong, have a great weekend.

    xxxxx Pupalup xxxxxx

  • Hi Pupalup,

    Thanks for the headsup about the TV link, I have tried not to watch too much TV just because I know it will annoy me for such reasons, although Eastenders isn't as bad now because at least in the Vic they have to adhere to the smokefree ban "for reality reasons!" LOL!

    I never noticed it as much in the past but it seems everyone on TV is smoking! Well maybe not everyone, but still it is really annoying. If only they smell-o-vision invented then maybe it wouldn't be as bad!

    Christof! :cool:

  • Boudee is useful

    Boudee you are always useful even when you have nothing informative to say....Your humor and banter help take the edge off and lighten the stress. So I am handing you a shinny badge reading......STRESS REDUCTION MONITOR. Now when you feel you aren't being "useful" you can remember your badge and know you make us all laugh and that is invaluable!


  • i feel i have been as useful on this forum as a bucket at the sea side with no bottom on it tonight

    Oh Boudee don't put yourself down so, you have an enormous bottom!!

  • Christof

    Befly - Of course thinking about it counts. Have you heard about how Olympic athletes train? They visualise themselves doing a run or a certain move over and over in their head while sitting still. When they do this it creates the neurolinks in their brain so that when they actually come to do it, their brain already knows what to do and it tells the muscles how to do it. So in reality we could all be Olympic athletes if we just put our grey matter to good use! ;)

    Just a question, does everyone else's brain just keep thinking about smoking relating things nearly all the time? I am sick of it, I wish I could find the "off" button on my brain right now!

    Christof :cool:

    Well I think the only event I would be any good at would be an eating marathon and I would definately win a gold medal in that!

    Yes everyone is wrapped up in smoking when they quit and everything reminds you of it but like the others say it will pass in a few days and you will find every day gets a bit easier.

    Stay strong and you will win,

    Befly x x:D :D

  • Nice thong boudee! lol xx:) :)

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