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Was just thinking about smoking and the statistics that are quoted (not sure of the right numbers so bear with me) So percentage of people still stopped after 12 weeks......... (for example)

Zyban - 30%

Champix - 44%

NRT - 20%

Cold Turkey - 7%

What would the statistics be of any of those methods combined with active participation of a forum such as this? With all the information, top tips, support, etc etc. I know we have the cessation clinics but (slap me if you want to here) I havent been for 3 weeks - since I failed dismally on the NRT. Its certainly working for me.

I think that the statistics would be much much higher. Views anyone?

(ps. on day 6 and strong)

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That's a very interesting thought!

I did some forum stuff before with a quit company, I never got the results as such. think they just used the stats on their own types of quit methods not on the actual support on the forum as such.

That would be a good thing to research. :rolleyes: now how can you get that out there and get paid for it!! :D

Ooooh Sharkbait!! nearly 1 week that was quick! well Done you!! ~Buffy x


Thanks Buffy!

To be honest it seemed ages at the time but now it seems like 5 minutes.

I signed up for the quit programme at Boots and they sent me emails every day for a few weeks with words of encouragement. But that didnt really help (probably cos I was smoking as I was reading them). Stopped with a friend - opportunity to lie to each other - went on for weeks until we both just said **** it, lets stop pretending. Nagging from parents (I was in my late thirties before I owned up to smoking - was so ashamed because my father had a triple bypass when he was only 48 due to smoking) - just put my fingers in my ears and went la la la - yes of course ive stopped - i wouldnt be that stupid would I.

so its working for me! I'll be a statistic of success for this forum!


Ooh that is scary! your dad triple bypass at 48!! doesn't mean that you have to find it easy not to smoke though!!

Glad your more settled in this quit, it gets easier ;)

I really believe this to be my final quit too, i experienced feeling ill and the whole health issue seems more real with all this banning going on!! and it is just easier to not smoke these days!

All positive pointers to getting a good quit :D

~Buffy x x


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