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Revised de novo stats

As I have been unable to edit my previous posts, will have to do it this way.

* indicates still on quit


Alx13 08.11.09

Andymit 11.11.09

Arthur82 19.11.09

Bambi25 03.11.09

*Becks 04.03.08

*Blondie 12.11.09

Boober 12.11.09

*Deedeebel 12.11.08

Delboy_t 05.11.09

Doglover 21.10.09 1

*Fullofflu 12.11.09

Gambit123 08.11.09

Gemsie85 15.02.10

Glenny 08.03.10

Imtryingtoo 01.11.09

*jonesy_ni 17.08.07

Julie E 30.11.09

Karas 15.11.09

*Lilylongshanks 04.11.09

Lisa42 14.11.09

Lousca 26.11.09

Lyn_Ian 20.11.09

*Maidenfan 28.11.09

mariabooboo 24.11.09

marjrie 20.08.09

michellebise67 30.06.09

Mixxy 12.11.09

Neka 20.11.09

penguinpower 04.09.09

pricie 25.11.09

*PurpleBix 04.11.09

sharkey 19.11.09

Shez 19.11.09

*Smoky Bear 18.11.09

*tiggerpaws 21.11.09

ununpentium 02.11.09

*VivienneC 10.11.09

wildcats 04.11.09

wsmith 06.10.09

Wystler 04.11.09

*yomik 13.11.09

zakattack73 10.11.09

*Zozie 23.11.09

44 Started, 13 still here on 12.03.10

If you have been missed off the list or see any errors please let either Zozie or myself know. Thanks and well done all of us, even those that folded, at least we tried.

Good luck to us all for the future of our quits. Thanks to Mixxy thats about 25.58% - great news. xxxx Jude 75 sorry I have not been able to find any record of you joining De Novos?

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I'm still quit! Star me!! Oh, and my quit date was 12/11/09!!


Ok Deedeebell, sorry about that, you have been starred. xx


Cool! It's nice to see so many still going strong!


still going strong

strugling but ok



Eeeeh well done Vivienne lovely!

Cracking work... big pat on the back to you!

Can i amend my quit date to 09/11/09 please? I joined a fair whack after i quit.....

Good to see so many still happily on it... yeaaaahhh!



..hey hey hey...I quit on the big diff tho.:D


Hey there, I'm still here and still a non smoker 4 months in now, I quit on the 12th November too :)


Problem is Zozie, Wildcats and Yomik that the forum will only allow one edit of a post and after that it has to stay. So unless I do another post it will have to stay as it is for now and then I will do any corrections next time, if there is one? lol :)


Hey hey lovely!!!

You've done a splendid job!!!!

be very pleased with yourself....

.... i hear that it has not been an easy ride with the collecting and collating of information... tis good to know that we still have many on board... will all De Novo's please report to the De Novo sub group immediately for rollcall?



Please miss, I would like to be first in line for my roll call. thank you kindly and much boingings, xxxxx Are you feeling better today sweetie? xxxx


Hi. Please star me. It's hard but I'm still a quitter!! xxx Ju:)


Hi Julie

Good to hear from you and to read your still going strong, despite some struggles. Hope things calm down for you soon and give you some relief from any craves or roller coaster rides emotionally, that can be quitting.

All the best to you, stay strong x


Well done for doing such a great job :D




Ok Lousca, all done hun. xx :):)


Still plodding onwards and still a non smoker!!! Quit date: 24/11/2009!

Please * me!


Well done you Gemsie, excellent, I've added you. We De Novos are doing great and still being added to our wonderful list. Well done all of us. xxx :)


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