No Smoking Day

Its been hard today despite the champix

Started the day badly with a minor bump on the way to work. If I'd had fags in the car I would have had one. Luckily there were no shops around.

Ive got to day 3 about a hundred times and then given in.

Just going to keep going with it. It does still require positive thinking and willpower. Champix has also put me of drinking - unless its the association of having a cigarette and a lovely glass of cold chardonnay and that would be just too much not to give in.

Still impressed with the pills though - doc has just prescribed another 56 to keep me going. Will keep you posted.

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Heya shark x x x x

Unfortunately every method requires will power, pain in the butt that :D

Day 3 is tough but it's also just 24hrs 8 of which your sleeping!!

Hang tight and stay strong you got through this morning and that what stressful! you can get through the rest of the day x x

Keep busy and distracted!! :D

Deep breaths relax and keep posting ~Buffy x x


Champix does require some willpower. I found cinnamon sticks really helped...bubble gum....that hand to mouth thing.....lots and lots of water!

Keep up the good does get easier...tomorrow will be 2 months for me



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