No Smoking Day

day three ???cold

:) Hello just found this web site just what I needed ?I im on my 3 day without any nicotine !been smoking for almost 23 years and im 38 years old !tryed everything many times before but never lasted long ?friend gave me a book a few months back to read its called (The easy way to stop smoking)by Allen Carr ?I think its a must read for anyone who is trying to quit ?it has been working for me.hope this can help someone else ? I really need to make it work this time!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Mike I have too read Allan Carr and found it a great help - but I've also took all the help I can get .... patches, cessation group, gp advice, this site, relaxation tapes....the lot!! It's all great - whatever works - keep with it -I'm on week twelve now and NRT free for ten days..Welcome to the site - the guys on here are a great bunch - a bit eccentric but good for the soul....



Welcome Mike

I have just found that book with tapes in the loft.

You and Loopy have given me the encouragement to dust it off and do abit of bedtime reading.

Barb x


Hi Mike I too have just found this site today and i think this will help me too i'm also using just will power. How are to feeling?? I'm hoping this site will help me though.

I'd been smoking on and off since i was 11 years until i was 17 then just stopped but after having my child and being bored and going back to work I smoke evereyday for the last 5 years. We'll enoughs enough for me. I'm doing it for my little girl.

All the best


Hello Fizzy x x

Welcome to the site x x

You have made a wise choice for both yourself and your darling daughter, well done x x

~Buffy x x


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