No Smoking Day

Day 1 - Feel Great!

Hi all,

Day 10 taking champix, day 1 of not smoking. I feel great!

Chose today as symbollically 'independence day' from cigarettes after 24 years.

Stopped before - started again - 3 times - 2 x cold turkey and last time Alan Carr clinic (stopped for 2 years). Tried patches and gum - makes no difference to me (took the patch off to light a cigarette). Thought the only way it would work was if I stuck a patch permanently over my mouth. This is the last time I am stopping.

The champix symptoms in the first few days were horrible but I reasoned no pain no gain and they have magically disappeared today completeley. I'm wondering if the symptoms are made worse by smoking and the irritibleness, rages, tears, black depressions, sick, tired are the withdrawal symptoms from cigs - even though you are still smoking - the nicotine receptors just not getting the hit??

Have been eating a lot today though............

Feel really positive, I hope every day is like this!

I have been reading the site for a few months now so thanks to all of you for giving me the courage to try again and helping me build up a positive attitude so that I know I will succeed............

(feeling all tearful again!!!!)

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Hey Sharkbait - good to see you - stick with us - if you see some of my previous posts you'll see i've been there, bought the t shirt, just like you - but every quit is different - this time you can do it - I have found a real mental shift this time and that keeps changing as the quit goes on, - use anything you can to help you especially this site - been a godsend to me ...even now it's therapeutic to help others and keeps me strong...


P.s American independence day eh?... It's actually my birthday!! and so I bestow birthday luck on your quit....:)


Hello Sharkbait,

Welcome to the site :D

With your prior experience in quitting you should have a lot more positive emotions to hold onto and know what to avoid :p

The low points are no stranger to you and you will get through them x x

Keep posting here and burden us we'll be right behind you all the way!

Chanelle will be pleased that the sickness passes as she is suffering with that at the moment! :D

Well done and keep it up x x if your tearful cry! :D it's allowed x x

~Buffy x


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