Day 6

Hi everyone


Day six and i still cant believe that i havent smoked or been tempted to,

Listening to concerns regarding nrt and champix used together (justintime) i was brave and removed my nrt patch yesterday, and touchwood i have been fine.

I went to bed at 9 o clock last night, i have had several nights of interupted sleep and was feeling tired, i got up this morning at 05:00 to go to the gym had a good workout and shower and started work at 07:00 and i can honestly say that i havent felt so good in ages, its been a struggle going to the gym in the mornings but today i really enjoyed it.

last night had the odd pang the usual after tea then again later so to take my mind of smoking i used my favourite method turned over to BBC3 and watched Angelina Jolie :p in tomb raider and all thoughts of smoking were gone replaced by nice thoughts but hey as long as it stops me smoking.

How is everyone else doing?

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  • Morning Shellfish

    Well done day 6 almost a week see how the time flys. Thats the worse week over things will improve from now on. Linda xxx

  • ROFL

    Bloody angelina bloody jolie!!

    Whatever helps i guess :rolleyes: hehehehe

    Honestly, I know I joined late but I have to 'big up' the gym!

    It is the best drug as it actually makes me feel like i don't want to smoke or drink!

    It really takes out a lot of the effort in being healthier.

    Coming from me thats something, never excersized in my life! always seemed too much like hard work :p

    Well done on removing the patch, i am sure it was of no help at all! you just needed the confidence to remove it!

    I am not at the gym today because i have a poorly son home today :(

    Heres a little something for you, to say Well Done!!!!!


    ~Buffy x

  • Thankyou

    Big thanks to lindaspicer and joanlaw how are you two getting on with your quit.

    Buffy thanks for your comments, is not just Angelina it could be

    Alyssa Milano Jennifer Aniston

    Alicia Silverstone Drew Barrymore

    Demi Moore

    Phoebe Cates Julia Roberts

    Jenny McCarthy Michelle Pfieffer

    Rosie O'Donnell

    Cindy Crawford Brooke Shields

    Pamela Anderson Terri Hatcher

    Sandra Bullock Susan Lucci

    Kim Basinger

    Helen Hunt Madonna

    Meg Ryan Bo Derek

    Sharon Stone Erika Eleniak

    Jamie Lee Curtis Nicole Kidman

    Jennifer Jason Leigh Tiffani Thiessen

    Sarah Jessica Parker Samantha Fox

    Christina Applegate Mariah Carey

    Gillian Anderson Claudia Shiffer

    Yasmine Bleeth Kathy Ireland

    Niki Taylor Rene Russo

    Jodie Foster Tia Carrere

    Halle Berry Claire Danes

    Tea Leoni Courtney Cox

    Peta Wilson Kirstie Alley

    Reese Witherspoon

    and of course KYLIE


    still feeling fine without patches.

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