No Smoking Day
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Day 2 strangeness

Hey, decided to move onto the day 2 room hehe.

My cravings are still frequent, but I find just fighting it for 5 minutes makes it go away. the pain feels as if it will eat you away until you give in - but it's bluffing, believe me! ;)

One strange thing I have noticed today is the veins and arteries in my forearms are constantly visible through my skin (the larger ones anyway, not all of them :p)

When I say visible I mean pretty huge, like they are pumping blood like crazy. Has anyone else had this?

I feel physically fine, I keep thinking about cigarettes, but then I remember all the other people quitting today - we are in this thing together! I don't want to be one of the failiures (I'm sure many people who quit for the ban will be successful!)

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Grats on your continuing strength x x x x

I am not sure about the visible vein thing I didn't notice myself, However, your blood is pumping much easier now, your finally allowing it it's quota of oxygen!

So it is all good :D

It is tough at first but on the grand scale of things, it's a small annoyance for great gain x x x x try and remember that and keep yourself busy and hold up your head, your doing great ~Buffy x


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