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8 days no nrt

Hi Gang

Well 8 days and no patches and feeling ok dose that mean theres no nicoteen in my body now. not sure how long it takes to leave. All so it is thirteen weeks 2moro How I got this far I will never know But sooooooo Proud of my self Dont know when the feeling come over me But I really think I can become a non smoker thank you all for your never ending support YOU ARE ALL STARS Love Linda xxx:D

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Well Done Linda x x x x

Don't mean to give you a shock or anything but all nicotine leaves your body after just 48 hours! :eek:

That's why we say that the nico devil is a real bugger because it's the brain that craves it most not your body!

So anyway to cut it short you've been free from nicotine for the last 5-6 days :D

You are an inspiration to many Linda x x Big *hugs*


thanks BUFF

I agree its my mind I cant sort hehe. I think to much thats my problem Glad old nick is out of the old body. Love Linda xxxx


Hi Linda & Buffy

I am also real proud of you Linda - this just keeps me going - following in your lot's footsteps!! :) :)

Loopy XX


Heya Loops x x

Hope you had a good week end!

I had a lovely one albeit busy! still shattered now :D


Hey Buffy

Yeah well hectic weekend - but pretty good!! Still not sleeping too well but it's better than smoking!! Off down the garden now to see what my wine guzzling husband is up to!

Glad you're good...:)



g'night :D good luck with the sleeping thing, sure it wont last long x x


Congrats :)

I'm a wimp; still on the patch for another 10 days, then i will be done with them, looking forward to it at this point.

Really glad to hear things are going well :)


Hey jemi - no wimps here!!! I've just moved down to 7mg - gosh that thing's so tiny - went from a Nicotnell orange dustbin lid (21mg) stuck to my arm (can't make them stick anywhere else and are they supposed to be skin coloured cos I don't know anyone with skin that colour!) to this medium niquitin cq 14mg which only stuck in the middle, and now down to this bit of 7mg sellotape...but I still have faith..

Whatever works ...



Wooohooooo Way To Go Linda!!




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