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Here comes the second weekend

Hello, currently on Day 12 and dreading the rest of this weekend.

I found this week fine, easy in fact, like the first week, but last weekend (Sunday and Monday mostly) was sooooo bad, i'm dreading this one.

I've even turned down going bowling tonight as its with 3 smokers, i'm sure i would be fine but didn't want to risk it and now feel worse for staying in.

I think my main prob is stressing over my exam, did a few hours studying today but its just not quality studying and i start to get stressed. Also my other half has Sundays & Mondays off so we usually try to do stuff together, but everything i think of is going to be hard because of smoking!! ie if we go for a meal i might want a fag after, if we go for a drink i'll be thinking about it.

I really really do not 'want' to smoke, and i've been doing loads of exercise so am feeling pretty good (but VVVVVV tired!!!).

Just i can feel the same panicky,stressed feeling as last weekend and it makes all so much harder.

I can't believe i am not enjoying my weekends, crap!!!

Anyway 4 weeks and my exam will be done and hopefully i'll have stopped for nearly 6 weeks by then, THINK POSITIVE!!!

I have been quit for 1W 4D 19h 29m (11 days).

I have saved £59.05 by not smoking 236 cigarettes.

I have saved 19h 40m of my life.

My Quit Date: 09/04/2007 22:41

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Heya Choco x x

I can see it's a bit hard right now, try not to make this crappy feeling an association with weekends!

last weekend was hard, it gets easier x x You won't give up your weekends! you have plenty more to go, a couple of weekends in is no big deal, sure you aint missing much!

If the other half is off then you can relax with him to make up for the loss over the weekend if a meal or drink is too scary just watch a film or something together, sure he'll understand and be supportive x x

Good luck with the exam, sure that's a big contributory factor to your stress at the mo!

Take some relaxing time out, pampering bath, glass of wine, deep breaths, music or anything that relaxes you.

Stay strong and keep chilled ~ x X x X x ~


Hi choco

Hope your feeling a little better today. I didnt like the weekends at first. But as Buffy said I tryed to look on them diffrently or I would of hated all weekends and its my time off from work and should enjoy. 13days today your doing really well keep up the good work Linda


Hi Choco

Well done on getting this far...... I'm now on day 15 (nearly 16) I've had a few stress moments too but just keep thinking of the money I am saving and even though I am going away in 7 weeks I am now planning another trip in August with my savings - I was on about 30 a day so I guess I've saved £110 that's a crazy amount of money!!

I've been out and it was a lot easier then I thought, if you really look round hardly anyone smokes and those that do look unwell it made me feel good to think I am not one of those anymore.

Lots of luck and I hope the studying goes well




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