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Looking forward to my second smoke free weekend!!


Hello everyone! Hope your all well :)

Day 12 here and feeling fine thankfully! Had a few tough moments this week but I got through them, finally feel like my minds in the right place but I'm still keeping my escape at the front of my mind as I don't want to get over confident if you know what I mean!

Going to do something nice with my son tomorrow (well if the weather is decent - what's the chances!) and have a treat with the money I've saved, might get my nails done spoil myself a little :)

Craving are coming at strange times this week but I know that's just the nicodemon trying his luck. Got a new project in work today which made me a little nervous and my first thought was "you need to start smoking again to help you through the stress of it" but I replied "no I don't, smoking will stress me more, break my concentration and I'd rather smell nice when meeting my new team :) so go f**k off lol!!

Hope you all have a spudtastic weekend ;)

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Thanks Kat, you too x

Aww you'll do brilliant Katz! Your an inspiration to us all :D

Hope you have a brill nite xx

Hiya Karri! Thanks! Yeah this is the one for me! Hope your well x

Thanks Max! Having a lovely weekend, treated myself well lol! Hope your having a nice one too :)

doing great!

You are doing great Mrs Mash. I found the weekends very difficult at first so well done to you!:)

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