No Smoking Day
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day 18

still alive....

noticed some tv shows are making ads to encourage smoking... never found myself a time to watch tv when I smoked...

going to the US in 5 days to my master in baltimore, I will recive the black belt soon if I pass the test.

im gonna speak a bit of a taekwondo language, if you are interested you just google the strange words, anyway I have to serveral "poomse" the ones the judges tell me to do, I have to break 3 boards all stuck together (usually in a flykick) I have to break doublebricks, then I have to position four people holding one board each and break every one of them like I was attacking four people in the same attack. Last but not least I have to do 5 "One steps" which is a self

defense technique and I have to create 5 more satisfieing my master.

bye for now

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Hi Valberg.

Well done on your 18 days and good luck on your Black belt. When your kicking boards & bricks imagine its Mr Nic you should pass no prob. LInda


Fingers crossed for you x

Congratulations on day 18 valburg!!

Best of Luck in your masters! can't wait to hear how well you do!

keep chilled and deep breaths ;)

Buffy ~ x X x X x ~


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