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No Smoking Day
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day 18 today will be hard

morning today is the interment of my dads ashes, ive been waiting since december so finally i know my dad will be settled, on monday it would of been my dads birthday, i thought i could cope with it but i ended up using quite a few of my inhalator cartridges instead of my normal one, so i know today i will be using quite a few again but i surpose its better then smoking, its just i dont want to get hooked on them after my 12 week period. i feel anxious but ive felt like this all week. hope everyone else is doing ok

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Hi Alison

I am sorry about you dad will be thinking of you. I dont think it matters if you need a bit more help today. One good thing to come from this if you can get past this sad time without ciggies the rest of your quit should be easy and think how proud your dad will be looking down at you. Alison your a star keep going and we are all here for you Linda


Hi Alison,

I hope the interment went well and that you got through the day without smoking!

So sorry to hear about your father, hope this day bought back many happy memories from his life on earth with you and allows you to feel the peace now he is settled.

You are showing amazing strength, I hope you feel proud of your ability to stay free of smoking, especially at such a hard time, as Linda says you faced a big hurdle and passed through it, other times will not be so hard x x

And to repeat Linda again! we are all here for you, Buffy x


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