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No Smoking Day
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18 Months Today :)

Just wanted to post that its now been 18 months since my last ciggy. I def cant believe that i managed it. Do i think about them, no not really, do i miss them no not really.

Im having an op next week so i am grateful that i dont have the wheezing etc that i used to have when having a major op. I will keep you all informed though.

To all the newbies GOOD LUCK it CAN BE DONE :)

My Stats are...........

I have been quit for 1 Year, 6 Months, 29 minutes and 10 seconds (548 days) 18 Months.

I have saved £2,786.67 by not smoking 9,864 cigarettes.

I have saved 1 Month, 3 Days and 6 hours of my life.

My Quit Date: 24/10/2010

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Hi Jo,

Great to hear you're still quit!



Well done to the Nursee that is Nuttey...massive milestone. Thanks for taking the time to post your milestone. I wanna be you in a years time :)

Lisa x


9864 cigarettes - that's an awesome amount of not smoking!!

Well done NN, an inspiration as always.

Hope the op goes well,

Helen xxx


Hearty congrats Jo

18 months is even better than a year isn't it!



Excellent!! Well done, you!!

So very happy for your success, keep right on going those are some awesome stats you got there! :D


Get in Jo

nice one my lovely, hope your op goes OK and that you are well.

Well done hun x


Sorry I missed this on the day because 18 months is so worth a mention, may all the good angels be looking after you with your op, come and keep us informed and I hope its nothing serious xxx


Hi All

Thanks for all the replies. I will keep you all informed on how my op goes. Its pretty straight forward and quite a common op but i am still very nervous.

I have to be at the hospital for 7.30am tomorrow so i will catch you all soon.

Take care all



Hi Jo,

Don't be nervous you will be fine, will be thinking of you and wishing you well.

Joan xx


Hi Guys and Gals

Op all done. Was 3rd on the list. In a bit of discomfort but not too bad considering what i had done today. I am extremely hot in the bed im in, so have the windows wide open but im hoping i will be able to move about more tomorrow and maybe go for a bath or shower.

Anyhow fingers crossed i could be home Weds sometime we shall see.

Take care all xx


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