No Smoking Day

day 8

hi everyone

i have been a smoker for over 25 years, but woke up one morning and decided to quit ive been clean for 8 days im so pleased with myself. the first couple of days i felt anxious and stressed but i got one of those inhalter with the nicotine cartridges you can use up to 6 to 12 cartridges a day but i use one a day


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Day 8 wonder if Im doing it right

Hi to everyone Im now on day 8 but Im wondering if what Im doing is ok. I have patches but when I have bad craving Im using a peice of nicotine gum as well, does this mean Im taking in too much nicotine and I wont be withdrawing enough. I bought the gum as it was on offer for £1-49 pkt a bargain as my local chemist is selling same pkt for £4-99. My next appointment with the nurse is on friday and I am going to ask her but if anyone has any comments I would be pleased to here them. Well done to everyone else on day 8 Sue


Many thanks for your reply:) I guess Im stuggling a bit today but hell I feel so much better than I did when I was smoking. Dont know if I said last week but i am no longer needing nasal spray and inhaler in the morning which is a BIG plus. All my freinds and my boys mates are so proud of me. Im my husbands carer he has Rhumatoid Athritis and being indoors on his bad days have been quite a test, but its the normal day to day stuff (without the fags) I have to get used to. He has actually said he wants an appointment with nurse to ask for patches etc it will be fantastic if we can both give up. My goal for the end of the month is buying new floor for hall, the carpet in there is a mess and that is the only thing Ive wanted since we moved into this bungalow 1 year ago. Hope everyone is ok obn day 8 Sue x


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