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If I had enough energy to scream into a pillow - I would

It's my first day of week three, and I sliped up yersterday I've been in pain, got an infection of the sinunes and could not face eating any more gum so I had the last few puffs off 4 fags yesterday...

Don't sound much does it!? But now it don't feel like I've even given up and the last two week were a dream.

My chest is killing, and the cravings are feels like I should be back at day one!

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You know that's not right! you are not back at day one!

Think about how much you haven't smoked!! It's not fair to default all that work!

You feel so bad because it was a mistake and no one likes making mistakes!

Brush yourself off and carry on the long road x x The illness' are all related to quitting, all the rubbish that's making you poorly is what you was holding onto when you was smoking! Let it get out of your system you know that smoking is never going to help you in anything!

Onwards and Upwards!

Hope you're feeling better soon x x Oh and today is day 1 of the ban in wales right?!

Keep Your Chin Up

Hi, I had a really bad week-end a couple of weeks ago and felt really guilty that I smoked (I think it's in week 2 "I smoked at the week-end"). But I used that experience to make me determined never to smoke again. There is no need to go back to day 1, I just knocked a day off my total.

Please don't beat yourself up, if you look through all the messages left on this website you will see your not the only one who has had a set back. Like Buffy said onward and upwards.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Awww thank you both X

I had a coffee this morning, and not thought about the fags since! :D

Yer that's right Buffs... I thought it was in England too?... as you asked I take it as a 'no'... will you be having one?

Englands is July 1st Can't wait :D

oh right - for onjce Wales is not 10 yuears behind you lol!

it's going to be odd - I've not gone out today... I can't imagine a pub smoke-free.

It makes it easyer for us though ;)

oh right - for onjce Wales is not 10 yuears behind you lol!

Hehe true true, I visit wales frequently, i have family there, West though, near cardigan way.

I am so looking forward to smoke free pub!

BUFFY, trust you to quote me when I make typo's! :eek:

I love the West... my partner is from up that way, and my Bro has moved to cardigan. I'm planning to go camping in the Summer down Poppet... you'll have to come up and bring the bugers! ;)

Oh poppet sands is my favourite beach :D we always go there, great place to go great choice!

Tis such a beautiful part of the world. Hey if I go this year, I'll deffo give you a shout Lol I stay in a small village called Mynachlogduu. In the valleys lol Sooooo beautiful though

Hope you are feeling better today x x x x

Awww I am - thanks for the hugs...

Yer let me know if you go - that would be cool.

I'm talking to myself here now aint I, as you're not going to post here EVER again!:p

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