No Smoking Day

Month 2 Day 2! No Smoking Day

:D Hello All, can't beleive I'm into the 2nd month-day 2....yup it's No Smoking Day and I'm proud to say I'm one of the people who are making the effort, not just for myself but everyone else on the forum!

Driving all my friends who smoke mad today showing off that I have achieved something big, I know the fight's not over yet but hey I can keep on trying and with people on the forum to talk to I won't be alone with my efforts!

Keep it up everyone

:D :D :D

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Big Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELL DONE BOYOO....Im into 5th week now and feel so proud. Cravings not a problem now (still on patches). Been lucky myself in that I havnt had real bad deppressions but I have ate for england lol!

Anyway keep going.....well done again!:D :D :D


Good on you Booyaa!!

You must feel fantastic!:D

I will join you on Sunday - that is my month two day

My real target is month 3 and to get past it



Way to go!

Congratulations Booyaa!

Keep it up and I can't wait till I can post here (1 week Tuesday) :D

Buffy x


wicked awesome you are so far into your quit.

you get your name from crash bandicoot commercial booyaa? doens't he say that to a grandma in a car from a tank?

keep up the good work, and thanx for your support too,



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