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5 weeks almost


:mad: hi all

Almost 5 weeks for me, saved over £100, and feeling generally positive. Took up running or trying to run, joined a gym and feel good physically. Mentally feel quite stressed but coping. Am on patches but dropped down a strength and supplemented by the odd piece of gum.

Its getting to the point where I am thinking I am an ex smoker, but tonight am wobbly and thinking bollox to it all- who cares anyway. Not looking for the sympathy vote, but thats just how I feel. Have done a massive achievement for an ex chain smoker, am CO free and clean- but nobody gives a !!!!!

Restore my faith in human nature somebody please.


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cheers- its strange- know am doing well and could not go back- but in a dark depressive mood- does anything matter to anybody?

not feeling much better tonight, but still fag free and thats what counts- thanks for standing by me

Ron, I give a !!!!! - Honestly.:)

I'm a newbie - (well this time round anyway) and only on Day 2.:eek:

It's people like you who give me and people like me hope and strength to go on. Like, if you can, then maybe I can, etc. etc.:)

Don't be depressed. It's only a passing phase, I'm sure.:cool:

I am a newbie too and agree with everything that Maggie has said. We would give anything to be 5 weeks in. You have done so well, if you start again, you will only want to stop again and be right back to square 1. Some people say treating yourself helps? I am sure it is a phase too and you can get past it:)

Heartfelt cheers to all u guys for ur support- just feel so down that nobody seems to care and this is the biggest achievement of my life- even more than my wife and kids- the fags had such a hold on me for 40 years- at one time if I had to chose it would have been my JPS! Just feel so proud of myself- every day is less of a struggle, even though the mornings after breakfast is hard and sometimes at night if I have a beer.

Nick O Teen has a lot to answer for and any folks on day one or especially young folks- dont let Nick control ur life- He will shorten mine by at leat 10 years am sure, but am fighting the bastard- he has not won the war just yet.

Now got to wean off patches, but as long as it aint a JPS am not bothered.

Many many thanks for restoring my faith in human nature- there are some people out there who really do care! Wow!


Am still with you, not been on here because have been busy at the gym or running- as well as a very hard and stressful job- but off the fags and feeling brilliant- did my first 5k run today- impossible 5 weeks ago. I could never go back on the weed now, but still dependant on patches

Sorry for keeping u in suspense- am very much here! and feel so proud even though the world seems to take it for granted. Feel like climbing to top of Mt Everest and shouting to toe world that fagash ron has managed it!

Way to go x x

I am jealous of your keeping fit ability :D

I hope I get round to that at some point >_< not that I am unfit of course! day to day life sees to that, but it must be a real buzz taking time out for to improve yourself like that. Well done, the body is a temple ;)


Buffy x

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