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Day 5 almost completed

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Been doing really well all week going cold turkey since Sunday morning, no real urges, but for some reason today's been a real struggle, I feel like going to the pub, getting bladdered and chain smoking a packet (or two) :D

I guess I better up the mint dosage!!! :eek:

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Hi Pave, and great to have you on board .:)

Doing so well ct, that's difficult, but what a great start to your quit 5 days done and dusted,,,,,, your body will be loving you........:):):)

I guess each persons quit is individual, but the nicotine is out of your body now, so it just Nast old nic, trying his best, but don't give in, the longer you quit, the less the craves.

Please post and read as often as you need or want, any probs, usually someone around to help.

Doing such a great job, hold on it will get better.:)

Hi Pavel. Happy quitting and good luck :)

Hi Pavel

You're doing so well to have got to Day 5. By the way, it is completely 'normal' (unfortunately!) to be feeling what you are. It can be a real roller-coaster kind of journey both with physical cravings, a wide range of emotions, and the mental jibber-jabber that goes on in our heads about smoking or not...

That's why it's so good to post on here - get it out of your system - and get great supportive feedback from people who are a few or more steps ahead.

It's so not worth going back to smoking. It's never going to give you what you think it's promising you in return. To be honest, it's a liar, and a seducer (I'm talking about nicotine, here!) - the worst second-hand car salesperson on the planet. DON'T BUY IT - it's not true!

You can do this.

Thanks all.

The mint imperials are taking a hammering this evening :-)

Mint Imperials rock!

Love it Badge! :D

Pavel, a big welcome to the forum from me too. You're doing fantastically well and are to be congratulated on your achievement. I am always in awe of anyone who can go CT and make it stick. Well done you! :)

Just hold on, keep going and post on here whenever you feel the need to. There's a great bunch of people here and you'll obtain all the support and companionship you need to maintain your quit.

Nearly a week under your belt already!

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