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Cash Not Ash Jar

I did it last time I quit and I'm doing it this time.

Every day I put the money I would have spent on fags into my cash not ash jar (I actually use one of my old ashtrays!) I can then see how much money I'm saving. I have found a gorgeous pair of shoes I want that are £90 and I'm going to treat myself once I've saved enough :D

It really helps you to continue if you can see how much you spent on the damn fags and especially so if you have something in mind to save for!

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Welcome larry x x x x

Your the first lab rat photographer I have met! the world must be very interesting from down there :p

Well done on your quit and your goal plan is a great thing to do!!

It is a personal way of motivating yourself am shocked at £1200 for lens though wowzers! :eek:


Anyway, best of luck and keep it up x x ~Buffy x x


Yea WElcome both and good luck on your quits Linda xxxx


see now the money im saving is helping me towards my lil holiday im going on in a couple of weeks!!

after that i think im gonna aim towards savin fer a new lfc shirt :D


great idea!

I might start doing the same. I haven't treated myself to anything yet. Maybe I should!:D


On a similar tack Io look at stuff in shops then convert the price into pkts of cigs. As a packet costs aprox.£5.oo I then divide the price tag up accordingly e.g. I bought myself a new pair of ankle boots last weekend . They cost 8pkts of cigs =£40.00 (8x5). My boots are leather and will last for months if not years . 8packs of cigs would only last me just over a week. Which option - HMMMM:rolleyes:


Kazza thats a great idea! Buying anything is better than buying ciggies. We bought the ciggies and it's the same thing as burning our money! :mad: Don't wanna burn my money!!


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