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OK Monkey Bar Stewards - How much?


I know there are a fair few of you in week three - and the rest of us will be there shortly so How much have you NOT spent on cigarettes?

Don't count money spent on NRT - just let us know how much you have saved by NOT buying ciggies.

I wonder how much we have collectively saved and NOT spent on tax, poor Mr Brown and Mr Darling!

Me - 9 a day. Day 14 -therefore 126 NOT smoked - 7 packets NOT bought. Saving me - £39.00!

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Day 19

285 not smoked.... about 14 packs ....

Not counting money as I was getting them black market for about 30% of the going rate....

421 death sticks not smoked... in 17 days... that is baaaad... or actually very gooooood

355 fags not smoked, a saving of £103.84:eek:

Ciggys not smoked 533, saved £120.14

Oh my god!! thats an awful lot of ciggys eeek.

Nr. smoked...

.... yes... some of us smoked more than others.... sometimes twice as much.... but the actual number is not important and totally irrelevant as we have all stopped, because we were ALL smoking enough to keep (regardless of how much we smoked) ALL addicted to the drug nicotine... The END (stopping) negates the MEANS (number smoked)!

I agree Steve - it doesn't matter at all how many we USED to smoke. I was wondering how much money we had saved just to remind ourselves that we are not only benefitting our health but also our pockets.

It gives me a bit of a lift to remind myself that I have so far saved £39.00 as I am really struggling for money at the mo! (as is half the country - I know)

I was also wondering how much tax we are NOT giving this government by not buying any.

Hi fellow team buddies,

Just checking in with you, I'm not able to log on as much because I'm working away :rolleyes: just seeing if you're all ok and coping, can't read all up to date posts as I'm surfing on a phone... I'm into week 3, feeling ok ish but missing the forum :( anyway well done to you all for quitting smoking!!! :)

Just found out that approx £3.50 of each of my packs was going to the treasury, so I've deprived Gordon Brown of £63 so far :D

Saved £28.70 - most importantly I feel good about myself. I am proud I have got this far - my milestone was last night, meeting friends who smoked and I got through it - it didn't bother me! Oh I hope I am not being smug and due for a fall!

Now with that money you've all saved GO OUT AND TREAT YOURSELVES! You deserve it!

New to this

Sorry, I've never joined a forum before so if I get it wrong apologies in advance. I gave up on 5th January after over 30 years of smoking. I am hoping I can still count that I am into week 3 and am on day 15, I lapsed at a party on Saturday and smoked 2 cigarettes, nothing since. At 20 a day I reckon I have not smoked 300 cigarettes and saved £76.50

Money I've saved, lol, I've been skint all month:( However, if I'd been smoking I'd probably have an extra £100 spent on my credit card:eek:

Same here John!

Well that's a fair bit we've deprived the treasury of isn't it?!

Well done you lot - keep it going!

I have been quit for 11 Months, 1 Day, 21 hours, 1 minute and 43 seconds (336 days). I have saved £1,684.37 by not smoking 6,737 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 9 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/02/2008 22:00

.....OK .......where has my £1684.37 gone??????????? lol :rolleyes:

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