Marginal NHL

I'm an 11 year survivor of breast cancer, chemo & radiation. A year ago after total hip replacement surgery, I was informed that Stage 4 NH Lymphoma was found in my bone marrow. Surprise, surprise! Further testing has called it marginal, currently non aggressive. Doctors stating that Chemo may be the cause.

I know that should it wake up & become aggressive, Rituxin immunotherapy is my silver bullet.

I would appreciate input from someone with a similar diagnosis.

Thank you.

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  • I was diagnosed with Aggressive B Cell

    1st and then Marginal Zone 2 years later. 2012 & 2014. I am currently Cancer Free. 6 month PET SCAN in March.

  • I was diagnosed with stage 3 Follicular lymphoma after a tumor was removed from my spit gland. I had my whole face peeled back. But it had already spread. Spent two years with Rituxin treatment and went into remission, 6 years out. Last spring I found some really swollen nodes, had a positive PET but a negative biopsy. Had to have follow up scans and blood work. Last scan was clean. It is exhausting trying to move forward and going through constant monitoring. Never knowing when it will come back is scary. So far the treatment has held. You just keep going.

  • I'm currently taking Rituxin and Bendamustine (2nd treatment on Wednesday) for stage 3 marginal zone. The doctor told me that MZ isn't curable but treatable and it's like diabetes if you take care of yourself you'll have many years if you don't you won't.

  • How are you currently "taking care" of yourself?

  • I'm trying my best to eat healthier and getting in some sort of daily exercise (walking).

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