Radiotherapy treatment for nhl

Just wandering if anyone out there has had anything similar to my situation...? I had some B-cell symptoms (sweats and fatigue)and lumps under my arm pit which resulted in stage 2 low grade follicular NHL being diagnosed in may this year.

Treatment so far has been just radiotherapy, 15 sessions, which finished back in July 2016.

I'm on follow up appointments now every 3 testing undertaken...just a conversation on how I am feeling?

is this typical?

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  • Hi Shelley, i think they call this watch and wait, to see if your symptoms return, do you not have a blood test before you see your oncologist?

    Best wishes


  • Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. The oncologist didn't mention it was watch and wait, just that we would have catch ups every 3 months to see how things are going. No blood tests are taken either. I have my next session next week, do you think I should ask about bloods and the w&w treatment method?

    It's all a bit fresh and I'm learning what I can....i thought no bloods was a little odd though!

    Shelley x

  • Shelley, I would ask about bloods, they can tell a lot from blood i have a test each time i go to see my specialist, mention watch and wait as you read about it in the macmillan booklet, see what his/ her response is.

    Paul x

  • yes mention it

  • Yes I find it strange. The first thing my haematologist said to me last visit was " that's the best blood result I've seen in a while. So to him blood tests are important

  • I had NHL and had 6 R-CHOP chemo treatments and went right into remission after the first 3 treatments. I get blood work every 3 months and scans at least once a year. I do get stressed before blood test and scans. I always ask for copies of all tests to keep up with my NHL. Stay well!

  • I can't vouch for the radiation but "wait and see" is very typical in early stages. My "wait and see" lasted about three months then off to "chemo". Good luck.

  • My wife's oncologist said that 80 percent of progression is detected by the patient reporting symptoms such as fever, weight loss, and night sweats (not a complete list).

  • Hi Shelley, I always have full blood tests and a full physical examination. I am on watch and wait and back to the oncologist every four to six months.

  • I am watch and wait stage 1 grade 2 NHFL

    node removed. one involvement

    but no radiation....just appointments where they take my blood and examine my body every three months.

  • I just got your same diagnosis. I am hoping we have decades with no issues. I had a small amount in my bone marrow and small amount in lymph node. No symptoms. Plan to keep exercising. I do feel a bit more tired but I am older. 58. See Dr every 3 months and he does blood work.

  • Having seen the haematologist this week and having asked about bloods as part of my routine assessments it appears they are not an appropriate test method in my case - as mentioned above, by wmay13241, b cell symptoms are what I am looking for now going fwd. The radiotherapy has been considered successful and the doctor mentioned I am now in remission 👍.... But as we all know fNHL is notorious for recurrence but I feel happy I asked the question. Thanks for all of your feedback everyone, update in 4 months time after next check up!😉

    Be strong everyone x

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