My experience with NHL

Hello Everyone , my name is Rose

And I have NHL , and have been in remission since July 2016 .

I am followed with Rituxan every three months for prevention .

I am seventy five years old and was diagnosed in 2012 with Follicular,non-Hodgkin, Lymphoma,

grade three.

I took Rituxan x one day & Bendamustinr x two days monthly . Also Neutropenia on Neulasta.

I did every thing after chemo that I did before ,

I walked four miles every day and worked .thank God and my oncologist !!

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  • Well done, Rose. The walking is great for getting the circulation going and oxyqen into your lungs. Everything that we can do for ourselves helps keep us well for longer. I am 61 with FL as well and walk and swim daily.

  • Yes, I strongly believe exercise , water and diet keeps me in great shape.

    I have PET scan the 19th and believing I am still cancer free .

    I am in my third month after return of colon cancer.. Surgery was resection and Lymph nodes removed . No more cancer !!

    Thank you for your reply , and stay well ..

  • Sharon what is your story...when were your first diagnosed, what stage etc?

  • Josie2rulrs, I discovered node in my neck in April 2014;GP not concerned; went to my dentist to check whether dental infection was causing it, which it wasn't; he referred me to a maxillofacial surgeon who removed it and was diagnosed Sept 2014. Referred on to oncologist who sent me for a PET Scan and bone marrow sample. The bone marrow result was unclear so had to be redone a fortnight later - thank God came back ok. Was offered radiotherapy for node but refused and went on w&w. Have since developed another node also neck but it has not progressed to date. I attend oncologist every few months for blood tests and examination. So far so good - that's it in brief.

  • similar to me...except I had one node removed.

    no treatment just W&W, since July 2015..

    scan and bone marrow was clear...I m stage 1 grade 1...

    feel grateful at this point for such a manageable disease...hopefully it will stay this way.

  • Hi Rose, I love the part "thank God and my oncologist". I'm sure we're not alone with this thought. I credit my oncologist for going on two years of near normal life because he found me a program for zydelig. God gets credit for putting it all together, including the scientists who created the stuff.


  • Congratulations to you! My treatment was in 2010..I am just starting to come alive again. Moving on. I am so happy you did so well!

  • Best wishes and healing thoughts.

  • Rose, I'd like to talk with you personally. It seems I have the same situation. Have not had chemo yet...just bone marrow biopsy in December , 2016. Waiting for Feb. 2017 visit at Cancer Centre for results and more blood work. I can give you my e-mail if you answer and wish to discuss, Thanks, Sandy

  • Hello Sandy_mouse,

    I will be happy to speak with you .

    We are all fighting the same disease.

    I will go Thursday for consult after CAT Scan , still believing I am in remission .

  • Thank me and I'll call you...We have an unlimited calling plan with Rogers! I hope you are in remission.....

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