Hyper parathyroid no operation

Diagnosed with high calcium and normal pth According to doc normal PTH precludes me from Parathyroidectomy My research shows even with normal PtH the op still benefits MOST PEOPLE I have many of the symptoms back stomach kidney pain fatigue and itching.Also calcium on pancreatitis Any help no matter how trivial would be really appreciate dy

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  • I think they prefer not to remove anything as everything has its uses & it would not be without problems if removed! my husband has problems too he takes phosphate binders currently Osvaren & vit d this helps regulate the calcium & PTH & phosphate levels which cause itching!

  • Hi there, I have the same symptoms as in kidney pain (albeit dull and not constant), fatigue and itching. I am EGFR 18% and have a PTH of 137. I did not even know that there was an operation to help. I am sorry you are going through this. I can associate and sympathize with the situation but aside from moral support I can’t be of much help.

  • I just got my results, PTH 194! Calcium normal, BUN went from 48 To 72, GFR still 15. Waiting on Doctor to call me back, so confused, a little down but trying not to be! God can do anything!! Please pray for me

  • Will continue to include you in my prayers Bunkin. Try not to get too down. I don't think they have ever given me a BUN reading so I cant tell you what mine is.

  • Thanks rabbit01 for the words of encouragement and prayers! I pray for you as well!!

  • An Parathyroidectomy was suggested by my doc To have the op both calcium and pth have to be high but in a quarter of cases pth remains normal bu one or more of the glands is messed up so an op is extremely succesful Tomorrow I will point his out to my g.p On Friday I'm paying to see endo.for me the worse thing is fatigue and all round stomach pain .If your pth is high and calcium low it could be hypoparathyroidism which is treatable Look em up but be are full some us sites are trying to sell it

  • Best of luck with talking to the doc. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Jones

    I had a parythoidectomy back in 1996. I had high phosphates, calcium levels over 3 and a PTH of over 1000. Then, a small amount of gland used to be left in to help stablise calcium levels after. My parathyroid gland has actually grown back and I am now on medication to prevent it worsening, which wasn't available until around 10 years ago.The operation doesn't seem to be done as frequently as before, as it can lead to other problems. Keeping your phosphates low with diet and binders will help the itching.Sometimes vit D is also prescribed. Good luck.

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