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Follow that kidney diet


I found out last August for the first time that my kidneys were damaged from years of using ibuprofen for chronic pain from a car accident. My gfr was 40 to 45. My creatinine, protein, and potassium were all high.

I was seriously upset. So, I found this online group, fed myself a strict kidney diet, and,of course, NO NSAIDs. For pain, I chose edibles. For inflammation, I have a lot of ginger in my food and take turmeric with ginger capsules.

My latest gfr was 60 and I'm almost to normal range for creatinine and protein. My potassium is normal level. Blood sugar at highest end of normal, so I need to watch that. My nephrologist was impressed. He thinks that I can avoid dialysis, though gfr drops with age.

So, whatever you do, follow the advice of the dietitian and embrace the kidneys diet.

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Thanks for sharing. Very good you are being pro-active.

Hello Dangermom. Well done, and keep it up. You are an inspiration to new members.

Best wishes.

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

Great news! You must have had just impaired function owing to Nsaid use - not damaged kidney tissue as in the case of CKD got as a result of high BP.. then diet will be able to help to a certain extent.. but not to the extent you have experienced.. but good going..

Congratulations! I have also decreased creatinine and increased GFR through diet and better hydration. This can be done.

I was diagnosed stage 5 with 3 percent function in 2016. I also had cancer which made me ineligible to go on a transplant list. My wife and I refused to accept "no" for an answer. She began to intensely study CKD and what countries around the world do for treatments. She put together protocols based on a Modified Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. Initially it was a roller coaster ride with my labs. We charted everything I ate and convinced my Nephrologist to have weekly labs pulled so we could directly see the results based on what I ate. Slowly things started improving. My Nephrologist and team at my dialysis center we're pleased with the results but really didn't give it much consideration to improving my health. It took a while to "tweak" everything but after about six months things really started changing. We were addressing the disease on a metabolic level as to what influenced not just my kidneys but my entire body. By removing all animal products from my diet we were no longer introducing creatinine into my system. By removing oils it reduced the inflammation and cleared my nephrons. All of this allowed my damaged kidneys to perform as best they could under the conditions of the damage. My Nephrologist began asking us what we were doing based in my improving numbers. He then began to cut back on my dialysis, initially shortening my sessions by half hour increments. I believe he thought my labs were worsen but the opposite happened and they continued to improve after an initial bounce. Then I was taken down to two days a week instead of three and eventually only two hour sessions.

I received a call from my dialysis center in February 8th 2018 to inform me he had out the order in to have me taken off of dialysis if my numbers held. They had already made the appointment for me to have my catheter removed. I have now been dialysis free for just over a year, my GFR maintains over 30. All of my key labs, phosphorus, potassium, glucose, bun... All are in normal range and my creatinine has been steady in the low 2s from a high of 25 when I was originally diagnosed.

We since have started a group on Facebook to share with others what we accomplished. By using what we did, others have also come off 8f dialysis and many have improved their function enough to avoid having to start it.

While not applicable to everyone, it can and has helped many. We are now in the process of firming a non profit to continue advancing what we have done. There is hope for so many. Unfortunately the medical community seems to categorize all of us as being the same, with the same standards of care and the same protocols, nothing could be further from the truth. We are all different, what works it helps one person cannot apply to everyone. The is a growing movement out there realizing the benefits of feeding your body what it needs. Many doctors are finally realizing that the western dietary lifestyle has done so much damage to us all and that a "back to basics" approach has it's benefits. I have said all through this journey that "Revolution begins with voice being heard".

Miller1KD in reply to DonDavis

Would love to join your fb group about ur journey. My brother was just diagnosed - and we are looking to change his diet to meet his body’s needs.

Dangermom13 in reply to DonDavis

We need to be our own advocate and you show so successfully how that works. Congratulations on everything!

The most important person in your health is you. I'm glad you realised that and can see the result for it. I am a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher based in London (UK) and a big part of my journey is to get doctors well so they become more in tune with what honestly works for people. Ibuprofen shuts off the protective prostaglandin mechanism to both the gut and the kidneys. NSAIDs are absolutely contraindicated in renal issues but I don't advocate anyone taking them because of the mechanism of action in how they work. There are far safer and more effective ways to manage pain. The science now around coherent breath - do look up the work of husband and wife clinical psychiatrists Dr Richard Brown and Dr Patricia Gerbarg is too compelling to be ignored now. I've seen them speak at the recent Yoga in Healthcare conference earlier this month. I'll be speaking at the Academic Meeting in my renal unit in April and to various others medics and specialists. 2019 is the year health properly goes mainstream. Many have been singing this song for decades - finally key influencers and decision makers are getting it. We are all responsible for the change. I have had to have many difficult conversations over the years with doctors and nephrologists as they could not understand my approach to health. I had the great fortune of a brilliant doctor in South Africa as a child who advised no sugar, whole foods and plenty of water. Thank God for that foundation. Coming back to the western system was a terrible trauma for me because it was so highly medicalised and decades behind South Africa. I write much more about it in my upcoming book that I hope will help many understand these issues more truthfully and from a place of deeper understanding. I've been through the whole journey of renal failure, transplant, transplant failure and now PD so speak from the fire of experience. It is key people question their treatment and don't blindly follow very outdated advice nor indeed let damaging comments in. Let me know how I can help with the film. My key message is awakening your inner physician - and doctors need help to do that too. I am exploring the dynamic of patient/doctor a lot more now as doctors feel overwhelmed with responsibility and that they don't have the right to be human - we must remember they are just human and do not hold the answers. Suicide risk is much higher in doctors than the rest of the population so by taking responsibility we nurture the whole. You will always know what's best for you and that takes work to tune in and not let things in that are damaging. Each person's path will be unique. Healing happens in many forms. The best thing we can do is live fully from our hearts, each and every day.

Great information. I practiced yoga my whole life, but the permanent neck and shoulder damage restrict how much I can do. I practice that breathing while biking or taking a brisk walk. And as I wrote, I've gone completely natural to deal with pain and inflammation. Will look for your book. I've also come to understand the animal protein westerners consume is so unhealthy so I do more plant based protein as time goes along now.

Well done on all your efforts. Keep with the breathing. Truly it helps so much. Inhale for the count of six seconds, and exhale for the same count. If it feels too much to begin with, work up to 6. The research is based on 6/6 so we can confidently speak of its positive effects especially in terms of bringing balance to the nervous system which influences so much. The pillar of yoga in the breath and that is really what does the magic!. Thanks so much for coming back to me. One day at a time. Best, Ciara

Monana in reply to DonDavis

Would love to join your Facebook page, can you post it here?

Pegasus1701 in reply to Monana

This is Don and his wife's FB group :)

Great job, but please stay on it, drink the water. Numbers can change pretty much for no reason. Stay consistent.

were the ibruprofen prescribed by doctor?????..ASK WHY if it was...


Not exactly, since it's OTC. However, with multiple surgeries and violent vomiting from any prescription drugs, surgeons told me to wait 48 hours after surgery and then take 4 liquigels at a time for pain. My pain was chronic, so even years after car accident I took the regular amount and not one specialist told me to stop. Then 3 years ago, I was spending winter in Florida and saw a specialist for lumbar issue. Finally, someone told me to stop the ibuprofen. There was no referral to a nephrologist or concerns over damage done until I moved back to California last year. My PCP did blood and urine tests and got me to cut down on potassium rich foods while waiting to get into nephrologist.

Those doctors in New England were certainly negligent.

You are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work and best of luck!

Amazing work. Can you share a little more about your diet? What kind of potassium levels were you having over these months of improvement?

Hello what diet did you follow i am stage 3 my GFR is 41? How much water did you drink?

I totally agree with your post. At my stage 3 of ckd I follow a diet plan v. similar to yours and I am so good with great improvement in test results.

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