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Bad Taste


I've been having hemodialysis treatments for about 6 months. I'm 77 years old and otherwise doing well. My kidney problems began after a bad infection in my lungs and kidneys. Since my illness, food has tasted nasty and I'm finding it difficult to eat as I should. Up until the illness, I had a good appetite and was overweight. This is the ultimate reducing plan and I hate it. Has anyone else had taste problems and do you know anything that has helped overcome it? I've been trying zinc and biotin supplements which haven't helped.

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I’m not clear about things tasting bad, but my taste buds definitely changed. At one time ketchup was even spicy for me, lol. I also used to get so uncomfortable while eating that I didn’t want to eat at all. There are supplements for you to get your nutrients from while you’re uncomfortable. I did liquid protein because I just couldn’t get it up. If it’s long term, go get checked out, im sure you’re not alone in this.

Good luck 👍🏾

Have you had a discussion with your dietitian??? Many times they have some good suggestions.

Hemo for 6 mths. 64, yrs. old. Went thru the food not tasting good and many other issues. I would make food and get upset and end up throwing it away! Still to this day have problems with this. It is getting better, learning to cook with other spices , and trying new recipes. Type two diabetic, i started carb. counting, and measuring out my food. Has been the best thing for me. Keeps you more aware of what you eat and great for portion control. Was over 200 pds. a yr. ago. today have lost over 25 pds. Dr. says am at a healthy weight now. I feel so much better. Getting ready for transplant process. Was encouraged to think about doing home dialysis as i have good control over my issues. Believe me, I do have my days! Discovered CKD is a much trial and error disease. No one is the same and no day is the same. Have to do what works for you. Good support systems and not being afarid to let others know how you feel is key.

PracBob in reply to rascal01

Thanks for your encouraging reply. I need to make myself eat more, especially more protein, for the first time in my life. I've found that hot spicy foods taste the best. It's gradually improving.

MPK0706 in reply to rascal01

What a great comment! How is the transplant process going?

Do you have Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in your city? If so, You can go to the hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and tell them about your condition, my friend have had the same condition, and he said, it worked after taking orally Chinese herbs, he hoped that more people will be benefit from it. If you want to know about his details, feel free to ask, I think he will be happy to tell.

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