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Haven't been on in awhile. While doing the testing to get on transplant list, a suspicious mass in right kidney was found. Had to get an MRI and then CT Biopsy which showed renal cell crcinoma. Because of Corona Virus couldn't have surgery for 3 month. The surgeon took out my right kidney on 07/10/2020 which when I woke was the worst pain I had ever been in in my life. I ended up needing oxygen and was transferred to the ICU. They thought the narcotic pain meds had caused the breathing problems. On 07/13/2020 a chest catheter was put in and I am now on dialysis MWF. Of course all this trigger my anxiety disorder and can't even mention catheterization for urine until I could pee on my own. I have never been so vulnerable and just tried to sleep as much as I could. I was released on 07/17/2020 and anxiety and depression started. They had messed with my meds but my NP put me on an additional anxiety med. On 07/30/2020 the surgeon told me the mass was benign which is good but now no right kidney and on dialysis. I had panic attacks and just tried to get thru each day and now on 08/09/2020 I am feeling like myself. Last Saturday/Sunday had swelling and pain in neck above catheter and went to ER and was giving muscle relaxers. A Vascular US last Monday showed a small DVT in my neck so I am now on bloodthinners. I get a second surgery on 08/25/2020 for AVF in my left arm. The one done in February clotted before could even feel a thrill. My lower arm still is numb at times. The surgeon is putting me on the transplant list but I am in no hurry for more pain. Hemodialysis is OK. Most of the time my blood is cleaned with no volume overload as I try to stick to 36 ounces of fluid and still produce urine. I do notice that on the days I have dialysis it is so hard to get to sleep and I have to take something to finely get to sleep.

So how has everyoneelses summer been?

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Hi and welcome back.

Glad to know you're doing okay in spite of all the medical issues.

Compared to your situation mine pales in comparison. I lost one of my dogs early in July and rescued/adopted a yellow lab puppy. That should explain how my last month has gone.

Tomorrow is my quarterly appointment with the nephrologist. I'm not expecting any surprises.

Take care and stay in touch.

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vriggin24 in reply to Mr_Kidney

So sorry for your loss. My dogs help me calm down and just know when I don't feel well. Take care.

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador in reply to Mr_Kidney

So sorry Mr. Kidney. Losing a furbaby is so very hard.

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Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Bassetmommer

Welcome back!

Gosh what a summer! Go one day at a time and stay close to a competent and compassionate medical team as they are right there for you.

Gave you directions to other communities here which hopefully will help as you go through this journey.

Just know that we are all here for you and remembering you in our thoughts and prayers.

Reach out as one of us will always reach back.

Positive and Healing Thoughts!


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vriggin24 in reply to Bet117

Thank you so much.

All I can say is , “Wow!”

My summer has been boring in comparison to yours. I’m glad to hear things are calming down some for you now. And it sounds like you are finding hemodialysis to be workable. I certainly hope so.

I’m also awaiting a deceased donor kidney. I was officially placed on the transplant wait list on January 10, 2020. They said it would be 2 to 2 1/2 years before I should expect a deceased donor kidney. That was before COVID 19 though. I don’t know what COVID will do to wait list times.


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JEanes55 in reply to Jayhawker

Hang in there! That kidney transplant will come when you least expect it!! I’m praying for you!

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Jayhawker in reply to JEanes55

I’m certainly hoping so!!


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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Hi Viggin,

That is a lot for anyone to go through. I hope the rest of the year brings you some peace and joy.

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Bet117NKF Ambassador

Hi vriggin,

Go one day at a time and hopefully you will find a donor. We all support you! Reach out.

I found a link to several communities that may be of help to you; take a look.

You are not alone.


Other NKF Communities:

Go to top of the page and click on the 9 sets of dots on the left next to the house.

Should bring it up.

Kidney Dialysis: healthunlocked.com/nkf-dial...

Kidney Donation: healthunlocked.com/nkf-donors

Kidney Transplant: healthunlocked.com/nkf-kidn.

My goodness i hope you're aware of how strong you are. Not only did you battle multiple medical crises, you also tackled some serious mental health issues. Good for you. And, I'm so pleased to know that things are going better for you now. Its no fun at all when our bodies backfire on us. Im hoping you have some peace now and are able to continue with your own daily plans. I'm going to remember the strength you've shown throughout all this and hope i can do the same when needed. Lots of love

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Jayhawker in reply to drmind

Agreed! And very well stated!!


Thank you. I am leaning towards retiring on disability. So many decisions to make.

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Jayhawker in reply to vriggin24

Best wishes as you make this major decision🐶


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Bet117NKF Ambassador

Support and prayers go with you! 🙏

You are such a encouragement going through all those issues and you sure have given me hope as i have anxiety issues waiting for a fistula, thank you.

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