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Kidney Disease
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Diagnosed with Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease!

My GP diagnosed me with stage 2 CKD due to blood & protein in my urine dip tests for at least a year, plus fluctuating creatinine & urea blood results!

I was under Urology for left side flank pain & lower back pain. The consultant said I had bilateral dilated pelvis (kidney pelvis). However, due to post micturition dribble he decided it was an overactive bladder!

I am under an endocrinologist as my hormones are out of balance and they raised concern about my eGFR!

My eGFR is low and creatinine elevated slightly. GP has said she is just going to monitor me. Is this usual?

I am mixed race - half Nigerian & she seemed to think this would make my results less worrying!

What are your thoughts?

eGFR (Low) -

64 (70-130mL/min) 02/05/2018

64 (70-130mL/min) 18/07/2018

64 (70-130mL/min) 02/08/2018

Creatinine (Elevated)-

83 (45-84umol/L) 18/07/2018

84 (44-80umol/L) 02/08/2018

Creatinine (Urine) -

31.60 (2.47-19.2mmol/L) 21/06/2018

All advice is welcome as this is new to me!

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Be grateful that you were told early. Most of us did not find out until stage 3 or later. Low sodium, especially, as well as an awareness of what you are eating is in order. Ask your GP for diet advice. Also, stay hydrated.

From what I have seen in medical reports, there are two different standards, and it would seem that your mixed race is in your favor.

These sites will help you:

National education, support and advocacy organizations:

• DaVita Kidney Disease and Dialysis Forums is well known for their recipes but they also have a forum for patients too.

• Renal Support Network provides many support and advocacy services including a phone support line.

• AAKP is a comprehensive resource focusing on the quality of life for kidney patients through education, advocacy, patient engagement and the fostering of patient communities.

• National Kidney Foundation provides a portal for patients too.


Thanks for your post! Little difficult to feel grateful for CKD but I agree it’s better to know earlier rather than later but the diagnosis was based on my symptoms. I am assuming those with stage 3 or worse would have been presenting with symptoms? And blood results flagging up concerns??


Mine was diagnosed at stage 3, after my gp saw that my GFR was decreasing and Creatinine level was increasing. She referred me to a nephrologist, who confirmed the diagnosis. I had experienced increasing tiredness, some difficulty breathing when walking, and increased pain in my legs, especially at night. After diagnosis, I spent many hours learning all that I could about ckd.

You did not mention your age. Some decrease in GFR is associated with age. Also, dehydration can be responsible. Use of NSAIDs another source. Do you have diabetes or high blood pressure? Both are major sources.


Hi I am 45 and my blood pressure is all over the place. I currebtly have a blood pressure machine from the GP for the week and I have gone from hypertensive to normal to low? I think the hypertension tends to be when I am worried or stressed about something. Sorry to hear about your symptoms what treatment are you receiving?


The nephrologist took me off Celebrex (for osteoarthritis), told me to limit my salt consumption, and take my blood pressure daily. Did not prescribe any medication for ckd. Through my own research, I have learned to not only limit sodium, but also potassium, phosphorous and protein. My thinking is that if they are going to limit the 3 ps when one gets to stage 4, if I do it now, I may never get to stage 4.


No treatment? How do you feel? My Inorganic Phosphorus is below the normal range! :(


Do they currently have you on any medication for your protein leak? My blood pressure was all over the place as well from somewhat high to pretty low. As my protein leak increased, my blood pressure did as well. Not sure if this always happens, but it did for me. I'm in stage 2 as well. In any case, they put me on a low dose of Lisinopril which has controlled the protein leak as well as stabilize my blood pressure. You might want to discuss this with your doctor as it is important to get the protein leak under control.

Persistent hematuria and proteinuria are linked to several specific conditions in relation to the kidneys and would be handled differently depending on the prognosis. Here is an article about it. merckmanuals.com/home/kidne...

Personally, I had hematuria for about 2 years and was sent to a urologist and underwent all kinds of testing until I was finally sent to a nephrologist who suspected IGA Nephropathy. After another 6 months or so I started having protein leaks which eventually got large enough that a biopsy was in order to determine the actual condition that I had which was indeed IGA Nephropathy and linked to my many food intolerances.


I am sorry to hear what you are going through! I have had no treatment for the protein leak which they only pick up in urine dip tests at the GP surgery and not at the hospital!


Hi again, Thank you for your kind words. Things are under control now and my GFR has even increased from first being diagnosed, so I can't complain. Interesting that it isn't being picked up on the more accurate testing. Perhaps it is just a small amount of protein and they are not concerned. :)


What does your doctor say? You may refer this ( suythan.net/ ) if you know this language


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