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Kidney Disease
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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Hi, This post is to anyone who's been of any help to me over the last month,especially Mr Kidney.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I've been to see my GP today about My concerns over all the blood tests I've had recently.i took Mr kidneys advice and took all my copies and questions with me.

Seems the main concern they have is ,my calcium is to high,and my kidney levels are slightly low,which has always been good for someone of my age. But last July I had a change in medication for my Osteoperosis,and it seems it's knocked everything slightly off. But I came off that medication in the middle of January,and I'm awaiting an appointment in March to see where I go from hear. Looks to me like my Rheumatoid Arthritis,Osteoperosis, medications are confusing everything,because of the change in Meds. So I'm haveing another blood test for the calcium,then we'll take it from there.

So I'm much more relaxed now,so just leaves me to say thank you all,and I know where to come should I need anymore help. I wish you all WELL.🀞 And have a good day.πŸ‘

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Very good news. I hope that trend continues for you. Stay proactive. Your post also reminded me of another tool that people can use to work their way through the process of understanding what they hear and read from the doctor.

I use a medical dictionary to help me understand the terms that I no longer remember from my limited experience in my high school Anatomy class.

For anyone interested in having access to one here is the link to the one I use.


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Hi Gemini

Excellent news! I had the feeling that your doctor would repeat the labs before moving forward. Glad to hear that he/she is working with you to straighten this out.

Unfortunately, you are not alone in this, I recently had medication interactions which totally distorted my thyroid lab results despite my taking them hours apart. Once I was taken off a statin, the thyroid went down to normal.

As much as each medication has its purpose, they don't always jive together in your system. Everyone is different! I i am just glad that they caught it and will get a better medication match for you!

Anyone else have an issue with drug interactions despite following directions and taking the various medications hours separately?

Btw, I take a small spiral notebook with me into doctors appointments noting the date, doctor my vitals as BP etc. and the points discussed during the visit and review before my next appointment. Having my notebook not only refreshes my memory, but enables me to share points with my GP that my specialist made.

I write answers to my questions in the book as well as my labs printed out or specific results written down for reference to discuss.

The important thing is that you caught this and advocated for yourself!

Please continue to let. us know the outcome of your labs etc. You are never alone here..we are a computer tap away. We care!

Sending good thoughts..



Good you are on the right track on getting your bloodwork results straightened out and you are being proactive . Glad this forum was of help to you.


Strength in numbers! Glad for the good news!

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Awesome news

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