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End of week 7, back on the bus but about to hit a bump! Its one of those weeks when life gets in the way of the diet!

13st 2lb (2lbs loss last week, 12lb total)

Waist 90.5 cm (.5 cm last week, 5cm total)

Goals for week 8. I really want to hit the 1 stone loss, but we are having a party for hubby's 50th tomorrow. Just drinkies and nibbles (luckily I cannot drink on my meds but the nibbles may be a problem). So do I eat normally at dinner time (he is having steak and chips, I would be having steak, salad and small jacket potato) and suck mints all night or do I miss dinner, which would upset hubby, and indulge in a few nibbles with everyone else? ((Or my favourite... Both, be careful with the nibbles and reduce my daily calorie allowance by 100-150 for rest of week, depending on how much I indulge))

Good luck everyone.

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yes, go for a balance - be careful with the nibbles & then cut calories for the rest of the week. Don't do what I did, and indulge in the mini scones with olive & soft cheese...........!


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