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Craving wine

Hope177TTRestart Feb 2020

Just trying to eat reasonably healthily in difficult times. Like many using up what I have to avoid too many trips to the shops. Breakfast mango watermelon and creme fraiche with chia seeds Lunch halloumi cheese and salad Dinner Home made beef casserole and vegetables Snacks Carrot sticks and oat cakes. May have a glass of red wine though its troubled times

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I drunk a bottle of wine last night just listening to the news ..mind churning with self sympathy . I was sleepy but didn't sleep . Today = no work . Nursery shut to most- being manned by apprentices who are paid less and my cleaning agency work has been halted too . I can't get through to benefits office and I feel payment won't appear with the postman by the end of this , or next month . I need to stop drinking now as I can't afford it, it will become a habit easily also need to stay fit and well as my family don't need the worry . I have never drunk heavily but I feel those weekly social glasses over a curry or pizza will be missed but I daren't replace them at home as those 2 glasses would easily become bottles.


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