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I did not have the courage to weigh myself

Rose-petal1 stone

Hi everyone

I had two binge days Friday and saturday . Of course after Friday binge. I went to my volunteer job and everyone bought sweets. One of the managers going away for three f months. Of course I dived in the warm cinnamon rolls and the rest is history.

So I weighed myself on Sunday to get a hold of myself where I did not have the courage to my Saturday group. I have been doing good since Sunday.

This week I am getting up at 1/2 hour earlier to read the great encouraging messages from my Saturday group and working on improved 1700 calarie daily intake. My BMI is obese. I just want to relax and take one day at a time and keep my encouragement up.

My first weigh in Saturday February 15.


My weigh in Sunday February 23.


A total gain of 10 pounds in 2 days.

But I am taking this week not to be upset but the encouragement to let it go and move on. I just had to confess where I did not have the courage to on saturday.

Thanks for reading my message.

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Hello, Rose-Petal, we all fall off the wagon sometimes, I think the important thing is to get back on! which you did, because you say you have been doing good since Sunday!

So well done, for weighing yourself and posting!

I think social occasions with cakes etc are so very difficult and once you've had one, it's like you can't stop yourself.

I can't believe that 10lbs is all fat, I feel some of it must be fluid etc and you could be having a pleasant surprise next Saturday!

Onwards and downwards!

Slim_for_goodMaintainer in reply to Stalk

Absolutely. A lot will be water. We store 1g of fat with every gram of fat. We store 4g of water with every gram of glycogen. If you were on a bit of a strict diet or low carb before the cinnamon rolls, you would have used up your glycogen stores. When you ate the rolls, your body would have replenished the glycogen. Glycogen is made from excess sugar stored in the liver - you can’t keep excess sugar in the blood but your body wants to access it even when you haven’t just eaten, eg to power your brain in the night. Glycogen is a quick release store of sugar. (Note you do not have to use sugar/glycogen to power yourself - it’s the easiest thing for the body, but it won’t burn fat stores.) We also store extra water in the kidneys when we have eaten more salt. So. Fear not. It’s really unlikely to be fat, however bad you feel.

Also. What could you do differently next time? There will always be cake at work for one reason & another. How will you resist next time?. I am cultivating a new mindset myself. I don’t ‘try’ not to eat cake. I don’t say I am ‘not allowed’ cake. I just don’t eat it. Ever. I have also told quite a lot of people that I am doing keto so that holds me to account too...

Pauline-L2020 January in reply to Stalk

Dont beat yourself up!!! Lol 😂 we all do, yours stronger than you think. I seen a poster yesterday which was fab I should’ve taken a screen shot. This is a new week a new day show yourself you can do it xxx

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Well done for having the courage to post! Are you sure your scales aren't on the blink? That sounds impossible x

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to Lytham

I wish they were wrong. I had alot of years of dieting of the ups and downs. Now my body is out whack from it and when I overeate the weight just piles on. That is why I was scared to get on the scales and then ashamed to share it.

I am hoping adding the proper daily calorie intake will change things.

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to Rose-petal

Well, well done for owning that number and drawing a line under it! Have you considered lchf? The food is lush and you're very rarely hungry , Good luck! :-) x

Abby141 stone

Hey, Don't be down on yourself! We all have ups & down. Put that days in the past & carry on. Think right today is a new day, & start again. Good luck🙂 you will get there in the end


First of all, very well done for weighing and being accountable, that takes courage. Secondly, even more well done for reaching out on here 😊👍👏

As others have said, it’s very unlikely to be fat gained Rose-petal, and I truly hope most of that will be away again very soon. The important thing is to think long and hard about what caused the binge . . . I suspect 1700 is far too low a calorie target for you . . . Can I ask how you arrived at the figure? Have you checked on the NHS BMI checker? Undereating, hunger and feeling deprived is the biggest cause of weight loss failure. Please double check and then make a plan, and share it with us on the Daily Diary. Then we can all help you get back onto that wagon

Very best wishes 😊

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

I just went through it and my calaries is 1800 to lose weight.

So 100 more calories to

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Rose-petal

The NHS BMI checker normally suggests a range, and it’s always best to start towards the top so you can reduce as you lose weight 😊

Also what you eat is important, it doesn’t have to be all ryvita and cottage cheese, yuk 😩

Please have a look at the Daily Diary and see all the wonderful meals our members are eating and still losing weight

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

I will do that give me a couple of days. I am still sugar Stunned and by Thursday to Friday. I will be in in full swing and ready to go.

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

Give me until thursday to

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61


I am not a math person but I calculated pounds into stones/pounds.

Went on NH BMI.

My BMI is 38.

My calarie intake is


Can you let me know if this is the better intake.

Then when I join daily diary I have a starting point to work with


IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Rose-petal

I would say so yes, but it’s not an exact science. I’d start towards the top and give it a week or so. You’ll soon know if it’s right or not by how much weight you lose.

I’d also join the Daily Diary straight away, Tuesday is open now, and in my experience planning is essential, then you don’t have to make any decisions when you’re hungry. With those calories you can have three proper meals, with a good balance of protein and fat, which will help keep you full.

With regards to sugar, have a read of this. Our brains want sugar, it’s biology, it’s not weakness or lack of will power. But there is a solution. healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Rose-petal1 stone

I went on a Google site to get my BMI and calorie count.

I am 56. Height 5"6. 224 pounds.

Can you help me out with this. I am far from being good at these things.

My BMI 36.

I would be so thankful and a great start then to the daily diary.

SofaJockey48kg in reply to Rose-petal

My BMI was 35.7, so pretty much the same as yours. It's now down to 27.5 by following healthy eating strategies discussed on this forum and by sharing the journey with others online (I'm not finished yet). There are many here who have been there and I'm sure we are all rooting for you. Good luck.

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to SofaJockey

Thanks I will do that.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Rose-petal

Get your calorie range (a range, not a single figure) from the NH BMI Calculator. Have confidence in it, though it may well be higher than you expect. Remind yourself that cutting your intake too much is leading to you overeating. You do not have to be hungry to lose weight. I'll repeat that. You do not have to be hungry to lose weight.

Eat in the middle to upper end of your range. Fill it with good food, fresh ingredients, home cooked, including healthy fats. Commit to doing that for a month, without going below the bottom of your range. How long did it take you to get to your current weight? Much more than a month, I'm sure. So you can invest time in getting it right, for your long term future.

This evening, start planning all your meals for tomorrow. Have a look at the Daily Diary to see what others are eating. Each evening, plan your meals for the next day, look at the Daily Diary and join us there when you're ready.

You can do this. And you must be a physical phenomenon if you have put on 10lbs of fat in 2 days 😊

Good in you for getting on the scales and posting, it's not an easy thing to do, ignoring those scales is something I did for years.... I understand the embarassment, I was too embarrassed to weigh and actually write it down for everyone to see, but all I had was encouragement and positive words, I'm glad you came back to this forum too... Now you've taken that hard step you can do anything, we all fall off the wagon, I usually feel so guilty I think sod it and eat like a woman possessed, now I just think, it's okay, it's just a blip.... And get back on track, I'm addicted to food so it's not easy but you can do it and you deserve to be healthy and happy

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to Aussie64

Completely understand food addicted woman possessed.

I have to learn to have a treat once a week. Thanks I understsnd so much.

And for what it's worth, approximately 3500 calories equates to one pound. So to have gained 10 pounds in 7 days would require you eating more than 5000 calories OVER your maintenance rate EVERY DAY. Let's say your maintenance is 2000 calories (just guessing as it's the middle of the range above). That would mean you were taking in 7000 calories every day that week. The highest calorie cinnamon roll I could find (Cinnabon) is 880. The average seems to be half that.

If you've been restricting for quite a while, and you indulge in foods you aren't normally eating, there will be water retention. If you're over-restricting, you're taxing your body (less is not more in this particular case). BridgeGirl was absolutely right: you do not have to be hungry to lose weight.

I will also say this: you do not have to punish yourself in losing weight. However you feel about where your weight is, you are still you: the type of person who volunteers on a Saturday, who is brave enough to not only step back on the scale but to then share the results of that step. Just from that I would say you are a caring, courageous person who doesn't need to be made to suffer. The 3500 calories equals about a pound? That works both ways. All you need is a little bit of a reduction and the weight will come off. Might it take longer than a restrictive diet? Depends on how you define 'longer': if you think years of yo-yoing between overly restrictive and regaining is longer than a gentle, sustained loss of (say) 25 pounds in a year (at about half a pound a week) then no. I believe in making goals easy to achieve; their success rate seems better.

Edge1234Restart June 2020

Onward and upward Rose-petal, we all have days where we binge and feel shockingly awful about ourselves. For me it’s like a form of temporary insanity when I am so full it’s uncomfortable to eat and yet eat I do! The impact is huge I feel dreadful about my lack of willpower and I don’t sleep because I have indigestion I spend the night turning over in my mind how insane I am and turning over in the night due to my abdomen being so distended. It then probably takes 2 or 3 days to not feel exhausted physically and emotionally.

The trick is to do what you have done put it behind you and move on as quickly as possible. Hopefully the timeframe between now and the next time will be longer! You have got some great advice here on this forum to move forward, but don’t beat yourself up too much if it happens again...there is a reasonable chance it will unfortunately...we none of us are perfect.

Love and peace x

Slim_for_goodMaintainer in reply to Edge1234

Lee Janogly writes insightfully about tackling binge eating.

Edge1234Restart June 2020 in reply to Slim_for_good

Thank you very much I will get a copy of this, as much as anything else it’s good to know it’s not just me then!!

Edge1234Restart June 2020 in reply to Slim_for_good

Thank you again Slim_for_good I have ordered a copy and I am sure it will make for an interesting and informative read. I appreciate the recommendation xx

toomuchwoolRestart June 2020

Well, firstly well done for facing up to it and weighing yourself! First step to recovery. I bet if you have a good week you will be pleasantly surprised at your weight as others have already said!

Perhaps it might help if, next time you are tempted by cake, you remember how disappointed with yourself you felt. Hopefully it will give you the motivation to say NO.

Having said that we are all human so don't beat yourself up too much!

Wishing you an uplifting week

Granola42020 January

Know how you feel, felt like that this morning, I too gained this week. But I had a lovely day/night with one of my daughters, she’s a great cook, shared a bottle of out favourite wine. Well worth .5kg gain. Today’s a new day, standing on the scales this morning was a bit like jumping into the North Sea for a swim 🥶. Had to be done. So here’s to us losing for next week. Only have 1 pancake today 👍

Well done on owning up and coming on here. What's done is done but it behind you ( as you have) and start again. It's unlikely you've put on 10lb fat in 2 days more than likely water. Here's to next week

Slowprogress2020 February

Hi Rose-petal. I've been where you are this weekend. I dont want to hog your posting but want to let you know i have also been in that awful stubbled place where its so difficult to have the self belief to pick up again. After 6 weeks of a strictish regime I went to a social function id really been looking forward to on Friday night -drank too much ate too much and the eating continued for 2 days.Yesterday i signed up for a 6 weeks exercise programne and off i went to 1st class last night.In the past a binge weekend would simply have taken me completely off track.

I really admire you for weighing yourself .I will not for 2 weeks . I had lost 1.5 stone taking me down to 216 lbs but havent got your courage to weight myself. However I do have that back in control feeling today and unlike so many other times positive about being able to pick up again.

Thank you for having the courage to post your experience .This is the first time I have posted anything . Posting your experience has helped me.

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to Slowprogress

My message is after this. I put under my name.

First sentence is

I am glad I encouraged you. You encouraged me back to the gym

Please message me if you cannot find it and I will message you again.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Rose-petal

To draw attention to a particular member, Rose-petal, you can tag them by typing @ then their name (with no space between), then clicking on the correct name from the dropdown, eg Rose-petal :)

This may be a better explanation support.healthunlocked.com/...

Rose-petal1 stone in reply to moreless

Thanks alot moreless.

Alot to learn. Hahaha

Thanks again!!!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Rose-petal

You're very welcome, there's plenty of time :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to Slowprogress

Hi and welcome, Slowprogress :)

I'm delighted to see that Rose-petal's bravery has helped you and I hope that you'll use this forum, as she is, to keep you focused and on track.

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... and I hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

Rose-petal1 stone

I am so glad that I encouraged you. You encouraged me back to the gym that I am paying for.

I know you can do this getting on the scales. Take a deep breath and step on. Then take this day and move forward. We were brought here for a reason and is to get healthy. You may get a sting knowing your weight now. But you are not going to be that weight for ever. Starting today you are a winner and you got it going on.

Forget all the bad days and fight for the future. You rightly deserve.

And you sent a message that is huge in my books. Half the battle to get for what we are going through. You are positively amazing.

Do you know your BMI and calorie intake.

I am a 38 BMI. Obese.

My calarie intake is 1700-2300 kcal.

With that I do not get hungry.

I need to do this as well is to get on the daily diary my fear. But they help with meals and different healthy food. As excercise.

Oh I am not saying I will not overeate again but the days will get fewer and far between. And have a small treat. I am personally waiting for a solid month for that.

Please let me know how you are doing.

Remember you can do this. You have the power on your journey.


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