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Changes to the weigh in day?

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hello all

I am heading back into this forum again,… but see that there have been some changes to the weigh in day format since i was last here. I have continued to do a Sunday weigh in for myself, so am not sure where and how I should post the information come the 1st January (Sunday)

I have been left with 3/4 of the Christmas cake, with only me liking Christmas cake, and a cheese mountain… and a week away mid-January, so will aim to have small eating challenges to start with (cutting down on bread)


7 Replies
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Welcome back, ScottishKaty :)

We post a weekly weigh-in now, usually in two parts, swapped on a Wednesday evening. It's available throughout the week and you can post on whichever day you prefer. The link can always be found in Pinned Posts , along with everything else we have on offer. You may like to join Lytham's Aim to Maintain Challenge, to help you navigate the Christmas cake, cheese and bread :)

Wishing you all the best :)

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Hi Katie, good to see you - though I'm sure you'd rather not be back here!

I've been back on the WI on Sunday's in recent weeks and will be there on Sunday, but choose whichever day is best for you. The forum is quieter than it was but there's still great support :)

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ScottishKaty1kg in reply to BridgeGirl

The forum will probably get busier after the 1st January 😜. I have popped in and out a few times over the last year or two, but 2023 is the year of many weddings, including my daughter, so I think it is time to stop the slide!

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to ScottishKaty


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Scaffie2 stone

Good Morning moreless has explained it beautifully, and as BridgeGirl said I'm sure you'd rather not be here but Welcome!

Freeze things in small portions so you don't defrost a large portion - even some cheese freezes!

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ScottishKaty1kg in reply to Scaffie

Thanks, i had forgotten about freezing cheese. That might be an option for some of it!

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Hildegard88Restart October 2022

Hi Scottish Katy. Welcome back. I returned a couple of months ago.

Thankfully I don’t like Christmas cake. However, chocolate is another thing. 🤭

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