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Diabetic weight loss

Just trying to lose weight to beat Type 2 diabetes. Reducing calorie intake from Jan 1 onwards - day 5 and feeling hungry... off out for a walk with the doggie!

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Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum Indupitable 😊

Good luck with your weight loss and reversing the type 2 diabetes. Id like to invite you to our Newbie Club (link below) where you'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum. Please read it carefully as it has links to the 12 week plan and a pictorial guide to finding all the Events and Challenges.

We hope it will also be a good place for you to connect with members who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice.

Best wishes

Anna. 😊



Hello Indupitable . Great name - I don't think I've ever used it in a sentence - maybe that will be one of my 2018 challenges!

You say you're feeling hungry and I'm wondering if you're having as many calories as you could. The NHS BMI calculator gives you a calorie range and the thinking is it is better to start towards the upper end of that. You'll see gradual progress and can then reduce calories gradually as your weight reduces.

Have a look at it again as you're unlikely to stick with this if you feel hungry, and you don't need to.

Hope the doggie keeps you active. I just have a cat that keeps me sedentary :)


Hiya. I spell the word incorrectly on purpose (kind of!). It should be indubitable not indubitable. Still; maybe I should register it with the Oxford English and see if they'll take it!

I think you're right on calories. I need to balance them up with my diet, expectations etc.



Have to say I didn't spot the spelling mistake - must be growing dyslexic in my old age! :)

If you play around with the calories, within appropriate range for you, I bet you'll find the right balance




Have you checked your personal calorie allowance on the NHS BMI calculator, indupitable, as you shouldn't be hungry and may not be eating enough.

This community may also be helpful for you too


Enjoy your walk! :)


Cut down on fats and buy a big bowl and fill it with Fruit and Veg you can nibble on when you fancy a sweat or a biscuit.

That's just for starters. Good luck


Sometimes if you are not drinking enough it can make you feel hungry. If you feel hungry have a glass of water then leave it 30 mins, if still hungry have a snack x


Water works! Thanks

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Dear Indubitable,

Well done on tackling this problem and I can assure you that weight loss will improve your health. Have you got the 8 week blood sugar diet book ? It is inspirational and really helps you stick to the diet and has excellent recipes.

Going out with the dog is a great way to divert your attention from what you think are hunger pangs. When you stop eating carbs you soon find that you no longer crave food in the way you used to because you keep your blood sugar level even and avoid peaks and troughs. It is during the period when your blood sugar level drops abruptly that your thoughts turn to food.

Keep at it and you will reap rewards in better health. All good wishes

Happy and healthier 2018!


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