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Daily Diary Sunday 10th December 2017

Daily Diary Sunday 10th December 2017

Good evening to you all! I hope you're keeping warm and cosy, and are stocked up with good things to eat this weekend. We're hoping hoping hoping for snow, we haven't had any in our area of the UK (Aylesbury) for ages.

It's all festive here, we put the tree up with help from two of the children's friends. Happy chaos!

Do let us know what you're planning tomorrow - food (with calories, or macros, or neither!), exercise (ski-ing..?). I'm looking forward to getting some ideas from you :-D

Any newbies do jump in, and don't forget to check out the Newbie Club (pinned on the front page of the desktop version, or at the bottom of the page of the mobile version).

I have a super-busy day. 5am - 11am shift at work, pantomime with the family at 1pm, work night out 7pm.

B - 'emporer's new clothes' bacon roll (no roll), followed by two clementines 176

L - hmm, not sure. I think I'll have a stop-gap something after the pantomime, maybe apple, cheese and nuts. Around 250.

D - 3 courses at the work do. Tomato soup (I may eat, or not), I think it's steak and veggies and potatoes, and a cheese board. Goodness knows on the calories, I've banked about 400 today plus I have about 1350 available tomorrow.

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hi diamondblock, thanks for hosting. What a lovely tree, very pretty. Hope you busy day goes well tomorrow. My menu

B- overnight oats with peanut butter, milk, cream, blueberries and seeds 360, Greek yoghurt with drizzle maple syrup 170

L- roast pork, veg, apple sauce 300

D- poached egg, avocado, salad 260

snacks - apple, cheese, peanut butter, brazil nuts 360

target of 1700. May go out for coffee and cake so leaving a bit for that.


Lovely food choices rutheliza enjoy each one in turn...

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Lovely meals, especially lunch. My husband doesn't really like pork so I rarely have it. Enjoy coffee and cake :-D

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Your menu sounds lovely and tasty. Enjoy.

B: A health living shake

L; Ham and cheese toasted sandwich

D; salmon broccoli and some rice&guinoa

s: a pear,

3x coffee with half a sugar and little milk and around 5 glasses of water.

3 little chocolate coins a a treat .

total kcal 1417,

I am still in Saturday the 9th by the way


Great choices, and each one enjoyable zagemeel

Where are you based?

London ;)

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On the same ground, just a different area.. 😉

So is your menu for today? Or tomorrow?

This is what I have eaten today. I am finding planning in advance difficult with my family setting. Is it ok to post it like this? People can still use it as a guideline I suppose. I will try to get into the planning a bit better hopefully once the festive season is over. Now I never know how many people are eating here from one meal to the next.

Yes, it's still Saturday here too. Lots of people like to plan the evening before :-)

I do love a cheese toastie! Enjoy.


Hello diamondblock

Thank you for hosting the Daily Diary, your day out sounds busy but rewarding. Enjoy your choices..

Are you going to the Waterside theatre? We like it there, good parking!

Saturday went well..

Sunday's plan is this...

88 Carbs. 58 Fat. 79 Protein.

2 pork & apple sausages, 2 smoked bacon, 2 eggs cooked with coconut oil , 6 baby plum tomatoes, baby spinach - 692

Last of the spicy beef & veg & 100g white cabbage & beetroot - 433

25g dark chilli chocolate - 137

Total - 1262 (NHS BMI range 1347 - 1731) so room for a little extra treat...

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog 👟👟 🐕🐾🐾

Tip for today... Make happy new memories every day, never leave things unsaid that could make things better for next time...

Cheering us all on 🎉🎉🎉


Minniewinny your meals sounds divine! Proper Sunday food. You are lucky we are not local or I would be banging the door down! Enjoy


Always enough to share.. my mum taught me well..

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Ooh I love chilli chocolate!

You must be quite local to me :-) I live walking distance from Waterside, and work at the Waitrose next door!

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I go to Alylesbury most Mondays.. its around 15-17 miles from me! I might pop in.. will pm you to check if you will be around 😉

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Great menu. And I love your tip Minnie. Very meaningful.

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Thanks HappyBeee

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Lovely menu Minniewinny - enjoy!

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Thanks wakywoo

Hi diamondblock thanks for hosting. Nice tree. Have a fun day tomorrow!!

Still on plan today despite a major disappointment for lunch. Dinner is just cooking and smells delish. It better be good as I am having it again tomorrow!!

My plan for tomorrow is

Breakfast: Spinach and pea omelette - 180 calories

Lunch: Chicken, butterbean and walnut salad - 270 calories

Dinner: Spicy Chicken with lentils - 470 calories

Water: 3 litres.

A couple of repeats going on to use up some foods.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone.


Lovely food choices, I like marrowfat peas in an omelette.. nice creamy texture, feels rich! Which do you use?

Lunch and dinner are looking good too.. 😉

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Just good old frozen peas for me. Dinner will be the same as tonight which I have just had and it was lovely. I had fennel bulb for the first time, which was a nice surprise and the chicken breast was the best I have ever cooked!!

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Sounds lovely, glad it came out well.

I've used frozen peas too, they are nice, but not as creamy!

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I will keep that in mind Minniewinny, thanks. I find I need to be adding something to the frozen peas to make them more interesting


I love the sound of all of that food, I could eat spinach and eggs and lentils every day.


Such a healthy menu! Love nuts in a salad too. :-)

I'm off to bed (early night required) so I'll catch up in the morning.


Well bonjour!

My Saturday has been an all you can eat buffet bonanza full of crisps, Chinese food, toasties and diet coke. Do i feel gross and miserable? No sir. I do not. I feel fabulous. I saved up a shedload of calories this week for just such a bonanza. Worth every calorie. I know its not 'recommended' but now and then i need a big lazy junkfood day.

Back to my sane self tomorrow. Couldn't eat like today every day so I'm happy to return to sensible food.

Cals - 1500

B - Poached egg, smoked salmon, avocado, baby spinach, creme fraiche on a muffin. (450)

D - King prawn curry and brown rice (900)

S - An apple and a banana (150)

I have 2000 spare so if we go for our usual weekend spin (snow dependant) there is a chance we will stop and share some mussels in a seafood restaurant on the shore road, or cake and coffee in a cafe somewhere.

I love Sundays.

Hope you're all good :-)


Wow - go you! I only seem to be able to save within the same day... but I'm watching and learning from you. Sounds like you had fun today :) Enjoy your trip out tomorrow :)


Sounds like a chillaxing day - I'm sure you enjoyed each bit of it..

Enjoy tomorrow too...

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Sounds like a brilliant day to me!

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I had a day like yours yesterday HappyBeee , our family Xmas day, just not on the 25th! I decided to have whatever I wanted, even a little Xmas pud and cake, wine; but today back to healthy eating and hoping that will more or less be it for any overeating and drinking as all our Xmas parties etc were early this year.

I'm also like you not beating myself up, with the help of the forum buddies and a bit of willpower will soon get any excess off, I hope!

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Everything in moderation including moderation, as the French say!

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I hope you get a little snow too Diamondblock - none here in London either.

Tomorrow's plan...

B 2x toast with cashew butter and jam - 352cals

L jacket potato with soya spread and baked beans 358cals

Snacks 2x coffees with soya milk 66cals

Then dinner - at my brother's - unknown - so have left 950 ish cals for that

Total allowance 1750

Exercise - none planned...

The main challenge will be to avoid unnecessary snacking and glasses of wine... I can do it! Happy Sunday everyone :)


Good resolve and nice filling foods to keep you going until dinner time..

Have a great Sunday 😊

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It;s snowing!! Yay!! Totally over excited and no one to talk to as it's 4.30am!

Hope you get some too, and avoid the wine and snacks!


I'm here!! It's eleven pm in Texas. It's about 37f here. Not usually any snow, at least none that sticks. The highs are around 70f. Hope you have a nice warm morning.

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It's snowing here too! :) :) Just saw your reply and looked out the window. I haven't seen snow like this for years ❄❄❄


Wow busy day diamondblock . Maybe you can have a power nap at the panto!

Quiet day here. Just a few chores and maybe get around to doing the tree. The tree barn is only round the corner, we can walk in the snow. The weather is pretty bad here.

Need to do lots of cooking today for the week.


B. Bacon sandwich with tomato

L. Jacket potato with tuna salad

D. Pot roast beef and veg.

Am hoping there will be a brownie made for me later too.

Approx. 1900

Exercise. Yoga at home, chores, Xmas decs and dog walking. Oh and snowman building!!

Happy Sunday x


Good food choices Active, Enjoy your snowman building 😊


I love the sound of your dinner.. breakfast and lunch.. May have to add to my shopping list..

I'm not taking my dog for a walk as the snow is higher than her tummy!! 🤣😂🤣

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Good morning diamondblock and thank you for hosting 😊

Yesterday went well with our visitors and a trip to see our son and his family, We had a decent cooked breakfast and healthy dinner of beef bourginion with veggies, had a mocha in Costa (not my choice of cafe) and 1/2 a very sweet sickly caramel shortbread that made me feel sick 😕 Why did I eat it?? Silly girl 😡

Then quite few Gins last night . . . Oops!

Back on the wagon today 😊

Brunch of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, tomatoes and granary toast

Maybe some apple and cheese mid afternoon

Dinner is leftover beef Bourginion from last night with veggies and a Yorkshire pudding

Gentle cycle and some yoga

Onwards and downwards



Morning Anna,

Glad yesterday went well with your visitors and seeing your son. Your menu sound nice for today, enjoy your Beef Bourginion. :)


Lovely menu choices IndigoBlue61 sorry the coffe and cake weren't enjoyed... Refined taste buds rule!!

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Hi I'm new and loving reading all these posts. Best lesson so far is to plan the day before. I've got 1900 and I've had to add stuff to meals and snacks to get there. I think this will work for me as for example I know I have a snack of 2crumpets whenever I want. Old me would say ooh I've only eaten 1200 calories and eat 700 calories of biscuits or choc with the danger of not stopping.

B:porridge with raisins

L:jacket potato with baked beans and cheese, lettuce, apple

D: peppers onions and other veg, pasta with left over curry sauce. Dessert of quark mixed with options hot chocolate and sliced banana

Snack: 2 crumpets and marmite, advent calendar choc

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Ooh forgot the chicken in dinner....got to have my protein:)

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A lovely menu Jackjack1967 great food choices and excellent planning to use your calories to fill you throughout the day with a good treat in there too. Well done on not useping the calories as an excuse for wasted snacks that will leave you wanting more in a short time!

You are right - the planning ahead (and posting publically) really helps - as does the friendly support and feedback. I'm just starting my third week so still a newbie myself but it's going great!


Morning. Having trouble with mfp this morning - its database seems to be down so can't calculate calories easily. This is what is planned for today:

B - light Sunday breakfast (1 sausage, 1 hash brown, 1 1/2 portobello mushrooms, 2 tomatoes - all baked in the oven) (341)

L - H/M carrot and coriander soup (61)

D - H/M Butternut squash , lentil, spinach and coconut dhansak (new recipe I'm trying off BBC Good Food) with brown basmati rice and tomato and red onion salad. (468)

Snacks - just cups of tea with s/s milk, banana and 2 slices malt loaf (333)

Hoping it won't amount to more than my daily limit of 1200 cals. Will edit later if mfp is working again. - now calculated - total 1203

Exercise - early morning 2 1/2 mile walk in the frosty air (legs have just about thawed out now).

Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow and hope I have lost a little in my second week but not expecting big things.

Keep warm out there!


1200 calories seems a little low, have your checked your calorie allowance on the BMI checker as I think you will discover you can eat more and still lose weight. :)

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I'm planning meals and snacks at 1200 and leaving some wriggle room for the inevitable extras that magically appear at this time of year and making sure I log them on mfp. After Xmas I will be doing more exercise and will 'up' my allowance accordingly. I'm using my fitbit to track calories used against calories in logged on mfp to work out the deficit - last week it was only about 3500 over the week which should equate to 1 lb lost (actually lost 3 so you may be right, but I expected to lose some water 1st week). As it is not an exact science I'm waiting to see how it pans out over the next couple of weeks. My weakness is portion control so the planning is really helping. Still allowing myself the odd treat though so I don't feel I'm missing out.

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My favourite soup of all time.. Enjoy your lovely menu, hope mfp allows you to recalculate soon for your peace of mind.

I use mfp too, but I work with the NHS BMI range of calories, much better and I DD t lose weight with mfp' 1200 calorie range, but have with NHS's higher allowance!

Wishing you a great Sunday.

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Thanks for hosting diamondblock nice tree! There is less of an incentive to put my tree up yet as children arrive on 23rd. Have had a busy weekend organising my life! I have changed energy and tv, phone, broadband providers and hope it all goes smoothly especially as tv etc installation on 23rd eeeeek!

I have been asked to make meatballs for dinner, which will be good - haven't had those for a while. Made a big pot of lentil soup this morning and marzipanned the Christmas cake. Now need to wait for the rain to stop to plant out my cherry and russet apple trees which arrived on Friday!

Brunch - scrambled eggs or lentil soup and coconut muffin

D - meatballs in tomato sauce with courgetti

S - milk for tea and coffee, easiyo and fruit, nuts

I have completed bsd and will now have a week of no calorie counting whilst continuing with the principles. Hopefully, that will work, but if not back to my calorie range.

Ex - not much if the rain keeps up, but did have a good bit of jive dancing when out last night 💃🏽💃🏽

Have a good day.


Well done on completing the BSD, still lovely foods on your plan for today..

Have a great Sunday, we have the white stuff.. it's not stopped falling since about 3am.. All looks pretty though!

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Just rain and wind down here Minniewinny

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I hope you have a good time tonight diamondblock , a busy day! After all the Xmas eating yesterday (family Xmas lunch with all the trimmings) I'm quite glad to get back to sensible eating today. This afternoon I'm singing in a concert for the first time with my choir, getting slightly nervous! Will definitely be keeping away from the mince pies etc after, stick to a cup of tea only.

B: Was porridge, blueberries, blob Greek yoghurt, 2 tsp seeds 300

L: Turkey and veg (what a surprise!) curry 400

D: Home made veg soup. 300

Milk and maybe small amount nuts, apples etc as snacksl

Lowish in cals but more than made up for that yesterday :)

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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Enjoy a lighter day today, but also enjoy the memories of yesterday!

Thank you Minniewinny , yes some happy memories.

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Morning diamondblock. Thank you for hosting today. Lovely tree, I put mine up yesterday.

B Porridge and berries with my morning cuppa. 260 calories

L Mince with new potatoes, carrots, cabbage and sprouts and gravy. 552 calories

D Sunflower bread x 2 with butter and a packet of lentil curls, and a pear. 454 calories

Total of 1266 calories with some left for some nuts and hot drinks.

Plenty of water throughout the day.

Have a great Sunday.


Lovely dinner and menu, it all sounds warming and filling.. Hope your having a good Sunday...

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B - 12.6g full fat cream cheese on toast with marmite, then repeat with marmalade. I was eating in a hotel breakfast room not at home. Cup of tea.

Coffee from McDonalds. I heeded the advice on here and got ordinary coffee at 40 calories.

Elevenses - bacon sandwich (300 cals)

Lunch - ready meal shepherds pie, peas and carrots (350 cals)

Dinner - roast beef, 6oz roast potatoes and parsnips, veg, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, horseradish.

Bacardi and diet coke before dinner. Two glasses of wine with dinner.

Treat - rhubarb crumble (about 323cals) and custard

Exercise - erm, none.

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Your roast beef dinner sounds lovely.

Thanks diamondblock for hosting today's DD and for supporting everyone. :)

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