Well THAT was weird...and good :)

Well THAT was weird...and good :)

9:00 p.m., healthy low carb dinner had at 6 and the carb monster was whispering in my ear.

The only thing I had on hand was bread so toasted 2 pieces, slathered them in butter, put jam on one and peanut butter on the other.

All the while thinking "Bad idea, bad idea, you don't need this, you'll be in bed in half an hour, this will all just end up as fat, you're not hungry, yum butter, mmmm jam, you don't want this, mmmm peanut butter, crunchy toast, butter,. you're not hungry, oh yum ..."

Loaded them on a plate, licked my lips and before I could stop myself I went to the bathroom, tore them up and dumped them in the toilet and flushed.

And then chuckled, shook my head, wondered where THAT self control came from and made a cup of tea.

Had to tell someone - feeling very happy with myself.

I can't remember being THAT close to breaking my diet and stopping myself before the first bite.



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7 Replies

  • Very well done Dave1961 😀. I have been there, and done that, well perhaps not the toilet, but dog bowl definitely 😀. Another good tip from my daughter (who doesn’t have a dog) she squirts washing up liquid over her leftovers so she stops eating when she is full. Lol 😂. The things we do?

    But that is definitely a win for you 😀 sleep well!

  • I know it's 9 at night where you are. But sometimes dropping everything and going for a walk round the block can get you past the craving moment. Basically it's all about acting quickly. You did well :)

  • I've got to remember that, you're so right.

  • wtg... I haven't done that with food yet, though I've done it with vodka. Need to take a leaf out of your book.

  • Yes very very good

  • Yay!! Good job. I have bought fast food many times and threw it in the trash on the way inside the house. It seems like I get a high just from going to buy the food and then realize I don't really want it. Good for you!

  • Love your post and Well done for your self control Dave1961

    Amazing what we tell ourselves and what we can achieve..

    Cheering you on every step 🎉🎉🎉

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