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Fitness app


I've started using an app called fitness for weight loss, it's just six minuet workouts 😊 so I'm finding it very manageable, I've even noticed my energy increases for the day if I use it in the mornings.

I'd now really like to find something that will help me with strength and flexibility, does anyone have any suggestions? I just want quite short workouts due to being very unfit and to keep me motivated

Thanks in advance x

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Hi dizzy late

I too need shortish bursts of exercise and I have a couple of hiit DVDs , Davinas fit in 15 and the joe wicks 15 minute workouts. The Davina's one works out different parts with separate workouts and the joe wicks one gets harder with different excercises

Even though they say 15 mins it's about half an hour with cool down for Davina and about 40 mins for joe with warm up , the hiit then cool



Thanks, I used to have a davina DVD, I'll have to see if I've still got it !


Well done with the fitness app, please your reaping the rewards.

I know pilates strengths the core, lots of exercise on you tube. X

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Thanks I will take a look


Thank you for the recommendations Dizzykate i will look out for them, I also like short workouts 😊

I like yoga for strength and flexibility, I like this video

But there are lots of different ones 😊

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That looks great, I'm going to try it tomorrow x


Thank you for posting this Anna, I am going to bookmark and have a go when I get home next week.


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