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Daily Diary for Tuesday 12th September 2017

Morgancando1st 7lbs

HI to all my fellow daily diarists. Hope you've been managing to stick to your plan today and are feeling positive about your achievements so far. Hope the poster will really make you think when you say 'I've Only' lost this or that. Every pound really is going to make a difference.

A very warm welcome to all you Newbies who are posting for the first time. This is the place to really start thinking about what you are going to eat and to 'steal other people's ' menu ideas. ( I do that all the time ) Tell us what you plan to eat and the calories used. Tell us also what your calorie range is, what exercise you plan on doing and any tips you might have.

This is my first time hosting the DD so be kind to me and excuse me if I'm a bit slow getting back to you.

My menu for tomorrow is;

B - Waffles with strawberries and full fat Greek yoghurt 390 cals

L - Beetroot and bean soup and an apple and an orange. 327 cals

D - Lamb meatballs in a home made tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese 657 cals

Drinks - Black tea and a cup of full fat milky coffee 160 cals and as much water as I can.

Total of 1,534 cals from a range of 1,384 - 1,779.

Exercise - non at present for health reasons

Tip - Get someone to take a photo at the beginning of your journey. But if like me you didn't then take one now. Stick it up somewhere as a reminder of how far you've come.

Very best of luck everyone.

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Thanks so much for hosting the DD, Morgancando and what an excellent job you've done! Perfectly executed and a fab menu, especially lamb meatballs!!!! I love them! :)

Great pic, great tip! What more could we ask for? :)

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to moreless

Phew. Thank you moreless

morelessAdministrator in reply to Morgancando

Easy peasy and nothing to worry about ;)

Well done Morgando..... what you have written looks great :)

My DD for tomorrow should be

B - porridge with mashed banana and the usual two coffees

L - the remains of my homemade leek and potato soup, possibly a green salad and the usual yoghurt with honey

S - chicken breast with potato and fresh green vegetables and hopefully the apple crumble I haven't done tonight as every time I went to venture out into the garden to pick up the windfalls it was chucking it down.

I have done the calorie count for this menu before and it does fall within my range.

I am drinking plenty of water and all being well shall go to the gym tomorrow. I am still feeling a wee bit delicate after my long week-end of festivities away but hopefully by tomorrow I shall be raring to go (really?).

Have a good constructive and happy Tuesday everyone :)

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Villageduckpond

Thank you Villageduckpond. Lovely menu. I hope you get some decent weather to get out and collect your apples be a shame not to have your crumble. I hope you feel better tomorrow after your festive week end and can get to the gym.

Good luck

wakywoo1 stone in reply to Villageduckpond

I hope you get your Apple crumble Villageduckpond

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Villageduckpond

Tasty menu Vdp. Drinking lots of water will definitely make a big difference for many reasons... some of my fail days were/are when I forget to drink enough.

I hope you're not feeling quite so delicate now.

Tiggerr, I have just slept for 8 hours and am feeling fine. Thank you for your concern ;)

Also, I believe that as you were Tiggerr when you started the weight loss programme and have now lost a huge amount of weight (very well done for that) you should now be known as Tiger (a shadow of your former self). What do you think?

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Villageduckpond

I love the idea and I thank you.

I did start off with a fairly bland nom de plume but one day I felt really happy with how things were going and changed to the current one. It's sort of a reminder of how far I've come and also not to take myself too seriously.

Oh how I agree ...... never take yourself too seriously ;)

Active_43Healthy BMI

Ooh Morgancando your food sounds yummy!

I've gone a little off plan this evening as I didn't feel completely satisfied after dinner 😯

Will try harder tomorrow:.

B. Greek yogurt and fruit and seeds

L. Jerk chicken with chickpea salad

D. Carbonara

Approx. 2000 calories. Am trying to keep to this as an experiment and will see if I'm still loosing at my next weigh in xx

Exercise. Ballet class

Happy Tuesday

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Active_43

I shall put 'Must Try Harder' on your report card!! lol

Your menu sounds lovely especially the carbonara, yum. So impressed that you do ballet. That'll certainly burn some calories.

Good luck

Hidden in reply to Active_43

Lunch sounds delicious!

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Active_43

Loads of great food. Loving the Jerk chicken (reminder to self, do some soon) and carbonara (my mouth is watering).

I'm guessing that ballet is fantastic exercise.

Ps. It's good to experiment. I was very much a rabbit caught in the headlights for a long long time before I felt confident enough to experiment. Good for you.

wakywoo1 stone

Thanks for hosting Morgancando I agree with your comment. I used to be I've only lost a half, but putting 1/2 on was a disaster. Now slow, with a few bumps, but know where I want to go.

B - chia pudding with mixed fruit 247

L salmon and stir fry veg - I made extra for dinner tonight - 289. May add a skyr yoghurt - 120

D - not sure, but possibly an ostrich steak, jacket potato and courgette/ carrot mix. May have a mushroom sauce made with creme fraiche 550

S - skimmed milk and almond magnum - bought them last week so planning in to my day. 320

Total 1526 1430-1830. Have upped to 15- 1600

Ex- walk at work

Tip - a little bit of what you fancy does you good and can keep you more in control.

Tiggerr15kg in reply to wakywoo

Great menu wakywoo. I've been eating quite a bit of ostrich recently, just love it.

Plus completely agree with your tip.

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Hi wakywoo. You're so right to take things slowly.It's taken me a long time to realise that.

Enjoy your magnum! Who said healthy eating had to be boring

Good tip.

Happy Tuesday you're doing great!

wakywoo1 stone in reply to Morgancando

Thanks Morgancando

Ceals3 stone

Thanks for hosting Morgancando, that picture is a great reminder of the good that we are doing for our bodies. I need to keep that image with me.

Eating didn't go to plan today, seems to happen a lot to me! However, definitely under calories so not really a problem. I have planned tomorrow knowing that I have some constraints to take account of.

B: (favourite of the moment) 20g homemade macademia nut butter, 30mls double cream and 100g full fat Greek yogurt. 412 cals.

L: Tomato, thyme, avocado and Mozzarella salad. 674 Cals

D: Chicken curry with spinach and cauliflower rice. 597 cals

Total: 1683 cals. Range 1585-2037

Carbs 53g; Fat 130g; Protein 65g

Looking forward to pinching some great ideas

Hidden in reply to Ceals

I love spinach in a curry. It's on my list now!

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Hi Ceals. Don't worry about not keeping to plan today we're only human after all and as long as we know where we went wrong we can rectify it. Great menu for today. all the things I love. Like you I'm trying to cut out complex carbs but need to work out how much protein, carbs and fat I'm meant to have. I'm going to try the cauliflower rice, it sounds great and a good substitute for potatoes.

Keep going, you're doing great.


Mmmm oh my goodness I want all of your food! What kind of waffles are they? The soup sounds great. I'm making a note of all of it! :-D

Today has been busy - the boiler is being replaced so I had two guys here all day. The water was going on and off, and the gas, and I was trying to do several loads of laundry and make food for the kids etc etc. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more straight forward!

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, mushrooms and toast, 410

Lunch - lentil and bacon soup, crispbreads, cheese. Blueberries. 390

Dinner - baked sweet potato, tuna mayonnaise, salad, 570.

Leaves around 500. I may add seeds to my salad, have a hot cross bun after my late shift, maybe some almonds and fruit for pudding.

I'm setting my alarm and planning on 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises before the boiler guys arrive.

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Hidden

Good morning Hidden. Sounds like you had a very hectic day yesterday hope you've recovered after a good night's sleep and have less disruption today. Your menu sounds great I love lentil and bacon soup, so filling and nutritious especially on a cold, miserable day as it looks like being today.

I'll post my waffle recipe later when I get a bit of time.

Good luck and happy Tuesday

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Hidden

Great menu. I'm reaching menu overload as I like the idea of the bacon and lentil soup (having been eating lentils for long, so still have so much to discover).

Good to leave some cals in the bank, then you can chill out and eat more of what you enjoy.

Milliemay1Restart July 2020

Good morning early start for me today My poor little dog Toffee has obviously eaten something she shouldn't have as shes been sick with diarrhoea most of the night but sleeping peacefully now and Im wide awake ! Ive had a mug of black coffee will have a shower and take her for a walk Then a visit to mums care home Thinking of my meals I shall have cereal with a banana and oat milk for breakfast a Morrisons Healthy eat meal and smoked mackerel salad Im keeping at 1000 calories on main meals with up to 400 in rice cakes and a treat (calorie counted) during the evening Im finding this works for me I hope you all have a good day

Hidden in reply to Milliemay1

Sorry Toffee has been unwell - hope she is better today :)

What's you NHS BMI calorie range?

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Milliemay1

Oh Milliemay so sorry your poor little dog has been poorly and hope she's better today. Hope your mum is well.

Your menu sounds lovely. Knowing what works for you is half the battle, I find. Smoked mackerel is one of my favourite standby fish.

Hope you have a better day today and maybe find time to have a nap after your sleepless night.

Good luck


Good Morning Morgancando Thanks for hosting today :)

I was rather naughty yesterday and actually was under calories - so need to do better today :)


2 x Coffee, Bacon, 2 rashers, 2 x Sausages, Weight Watchers - Malted Danish Bread, 2 Slice (20.4g) 565 cals


homemade veggie soup 177 cals


Generic - Jacket Potato, 200 g, Tesco - Red Leicester Cheese, 49 g, graham's - salted butter, 15 g 526 cals


1 banana, 1 Satsuma, mixed berries and mixed nuts 250 cals

drinks the rest of the day will be water ;)

Total cals = 1518 (NHS BMI calorie range 1463 - 1881)

Exercise - will be walk to meet 10,000 steps - sitting in meetings today so will have to make sure I get a lunch time walk in - hoping the rain stays off for then :)

Tips - when you go off plan get back to planning and post on here :)

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Hidden

At the risk of being contrary, I've never noticed a prob when occasionally coming in below cal limit.

Nice menu and your tip is spot on.

Hidden in reply to Tiggerr

I was way under at only 1,075 cals yesterday oops

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Hidden

*Big Smile* That was quite low

I'm still a healthy eating whipper snapper in the scheme of things but my thinking, is still that it's probably still ok, the same as having a day going well over, which I still do. Could almost be classed as a 6:1 diet (making it up now :) )

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Hidden

Morning cracker. Looks like a very well planned and balanced menu you have for today. Like the idea that you say you've been naughty for eating' too few calories' There was a time when being naughty meant eating too many.

I'm impressed that you feel you can get 10,000 steps in, even though your in meetings most of the day. Hope the rain stays off for you.

Good tip.

Have a good day.

Morning Morgancando - love the sound of those waffles for breakfast :)

My menu today is as follows;

B- small croissant and medium skinny cappucino (209 cals)

L - homemade tuna, mayo and caper sandwich followed by watermelon, papaya and grapes (510 cals)

D - 3 egg cheese omlette with a large garden salad and avocado (500 cals)

Snacks - herbal tea, lots of water, lotte choc pie (like a wagon wheel), a couple of beers in the evening

Total of approx 1600 calories

Hope everyone has a great day :)

Hidden in reply to Fizzylizzy13

Mmm lovely menu :) never thought to put capers in a sandwich

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Fizzylizzy13

Your menu is great Lizzy and your lunch sounds extra yummy.

Have a good day.

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Fizzylizzy13

Good morning Fizzylizzy13. The thought of all that lovely fruit is making my mouth water. Not sure we can get papaya over here? Or maybe I just haven't looked! I haven't had a wagon wheel for years. I use to love them. Your whole menu sounds delicious.

I'll be posting my waffle recipe later if you want to try them.

Have a great day and best of luck.

Thanks Morgancando for hosting today's DD. After seeing that pic I'm contemplating not eating at all :)

B: 30g porridge, fruit, cinnamon & honey. (450 cals) I know predictable, although the fruit does change

L: Roast pork and salad sandwich on wholemeal seeded (370 cals)

D: Roast pork, h/g roast tatties, french & runner beans plus gravy. Portion of apple crumble (enough to make total up to 1900 cals)

Hidden in reply to Tiggerr

mmm roast pork for lunch and tea yummy :)

Fizzylizzy135lbs in reply to Tiggerr

Wow that dinner sounds delicious. Dare ask whether you eat the crackling? ;)

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Fizzylizzy13

There was not only the crackling that it came with but OH found an extra whole piece of crackling skin in the freezer (sold separately that I'd bought in more care-free times). I may have pushed my cal limit last night... though checked the scale this a.m. and appear to have survived).

There's still one more of them in the freezer, lurking below the surface like a great white shark :)

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Tiggerr

Hi Tiggerr That poster was meant to have to the opposite effect!! lol.

The thought of roast pork is making my mouth water. I'm sure I can smell it roasting in the oven! If only!!

All together a very tasty sounding menu.

Have a great day and good luck.

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Morgancando

The pic was a perfect point made well. I've always counted my losses in bags of sugar, when someone pointed out that they did it in slabs of butter which makes a lot more visual sense.

Salcheq2kg in reply to Tiggerr

Ooh, porridge is a feature today, I'm joining the club and experimenting, cinnamon and honey is on my list for later in the week I think! What a lovely tasty sounding day.

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Tiggerr

Love everything on your menu.. I had belly of pork yesterday.. so tasty and filing too.

Have a great day Tiggerr

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Minniewinny

It might be a fattier cut but it's probably the tastiest, able to take strong flavours and so versatile.

You have a good day too Minniewinny

ruthelizaWorking at it

Hi morgancando and thanks very much for hosting. Love the poster. Today I will be having

B- porridge with full fat milk, fruit and toasted seeds 355

L - leftover casserole with slice of bread and butter 400

D- chicken cacciatore with mashed potatoes 500

tea and coffee 100

snacks- 10 strawberries, pear, apple 100

Salcheq2kg in reply to rutheliza

More porridge ideas for me to steal! Enjoy that day rutheliza, sounds very hearty and tasty.

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to rutheliza

Lovely menu, enjoy every flavour... 😋

That all sounds very tasty rutheliza. I always reckon that leftover casseroles, curries etc... always taste better the next day or two after.

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Good morning rutheliza. Glad you like the poster and hope it has the desired effect. I always find leftovers taste so much nicer the next day. I'm not sure what chicken cacciatore is but i'm sure it's delicious. Overall sounds like a lovely menu.

Good luck and happy Tuesday

Good morning all, hope you have having a good Tuesday.

Today looks so tasty, I can't wait to eat my meals. Lots of stealing ideas here.

B - Porridge with milk and ginger flavoured greek yoghurt - 350 cals

L - Cheese and beetroot toasted sandwich - 300 cals

Afternoon snack for my 3pm weak spot - tortilla chips - 100 cals

D - Chicken pie, boiled potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, gravy and apple sauce - 650 cals

Total 1400 cals.

Exercise - a leisurely run. I have hated running, then someone gave a great tip the other day about mixing up your route, so I turned the timer off, and ran across a beautiful heathland around the corner from me, and I actually enjoyed it, so trying more of the same today but with a different route.

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Salcheq

Everything on your menu sounds scrummy 😋

Enjoy your lovely food and your freer style running..

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Salcheq

I've been eating cheese and beetroot sarnies recently, but what a great idea to have them toasted.

Great news on the exercise, it's always best when it's enjoyable.

victoria1969 in reply to Salcheq

Ah I'm glad someone else has a 3pm snack! Mine is always a can of Diet Coke and a bag of crisps. Everyone else seems to eat such lovely snacks of fruit or nuts I have been feeling guilty for still having crisps! 😊

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Oh Salcheq what can I say? Where do you live cos I'm coming over!! The DD is great for stealing ideas isn't it? Never seen ginger flavoured Greek yoghurt, I must look out for it. Also love beetroot, my friend brought me some over recently from her allotment and I'm making soups with it.

Enjoy your leisurely run and hope you enjoy finding new routes.

Have a lovely Tuesday and good luck.

Good morning Morgancando thank you for being our lovely host for today..

I'm having a fasting day as I didn't manage it on Sunday!!

So my plan today is 3 meal replacement shakes or bars (total 600 calories) and my usual 1.5 litres of water (or more but never less!)

Excercise starts with a nice walk with little Minniewinny.. any moment now!!

Have a great day everyone and my tip today is to always be alert to plan and enjoy your results of your self control...

Cheering us all on to reach our goals 🎉🎉🎉

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Minniewinny

Hello Minniewinny. Hope your fast day goes well for you. I must remember to drink more water. Enjoy your walk with little MW.

Have a good day and good luck. 😊

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Morgancando

I find it a struggle to drink enough, I have never liked any drinks made with hot water..

So tap water is the norm for me, but I still forget to drink it.

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Minniewinny

Well done for still getting back to having a fasting day. Flexibility within rigidity if you know what I mean. Good luck!

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Tiggerr

Thanks Tiggerr totally understand that statement!

Good morning. Hope everyone is happy with there healthy eating and weight loss. Today I will have Breakfast banana cornflakes with skimmed milk and a coffee. Lunch veggie soup and 1 slices of bread. Dinner is spaghetti bolognese made with whole meal spaghetti and I use turkey mince. Coffee and water to drink that is around 1000 calories. So I will have crackers with cheese ana strawberries with yogurt. 1500 calories. I will read what everyone else is having so I can pinch some of the meals

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Caroline62

I like the sound of turkey mince. Enjoy a lovely day Caroline62

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Caroline62

That all sounds tasty Caroline.

Plenty of meals to pinch. Good luck!

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Good morning Caroline. Your menu sounds lovely and very wholesome. Turkey meat is great and more healthy than beef, I think.

That's the good thing about the DD, all the ideas you get to pinch!

Have a good day and good luck. 😊


Good morning Morgancando and thank you for hosting, you're a star ⭐️

I've been missing for the DD for a few days and can definitely feel it in my waistline 😕 Out every day all day has meant an over reliance on bread and sandwiches. Back on track today

Porrige with mashed banana, seed and nut sprinkle with cream for breakfast.

Scotch broth simmering away as we speak for lunch with an apple afterwards.

Chicken with vegetables and brown rice for dinner followed by an orange

Fingers crossed for me please. I'm very tired and this always makes me crav sweet things.

Have a good day everyone

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

Lovely menu IndigoBlue61, you will soon be back on track to correct any temporary differences. Great menu for today.. enjoy 😋

Annafrances35kg in reply to IndigoBlue61

Sounds yummy and I agree it is so hard to stick to it when you are out and about.

I notice that lots of people use cream in their breakfast. I am using low fat yoghurt. Am I missing a trick?

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Annafrances

Natural fat is important in the diet for vitamin absorption, satiety and good digestion Annafrances 😊

Annafrances35kg in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thanks @Anna61 and yummy so perhaps I will switch !

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Good afternoon @Anna 61. It's so hard to focus on your food plan when your're so busy but it seems you're back on track today with a delicious sounding menu, so well done you.

Hope you've managed to get some well deserved rest today but I expect not! Remember to listen to what you body is telling you and be kind to yourself.

Very best of luck

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Morgancando

Thank you Morgancando ive been very lazy today, but feel I need it 😊 That should help keep the calories down too as exercise always makes me hungry!!

First day posting my diary and trying to meet my "new" calorie target.

B - Protein shake, 2 x ham & egg cups - 323

L - Prawn salad with brown rice - 289

D - 5% Beef mince and mixed veg with Broccoli - 312

S - Greek yogurt and carrot sticks - 138

Total - 1,062, target range 1423- 1897

Exercise - 1 hour Body Pump, 1 hour HIIT circuits

Any ideas on what I can add in to help me hit my target, thinking of adding in a thin bagel and light philly to help me with my calories (160) late afternoon and also maybe a pudding of yogurt and fruit with honey after dinner but I'll be eating quite late as it is as hitting the gym tonight for 2 hours.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Katieanne1984

Hello and welcome Katieanne1984 😊

That's a good varied menu you have so well done. To increase the calories healthily I would add extra protein and some natural fats, egg/nuts/cream, and don't be afraid of good wholemeal carbohydrates like a bagel 😊

Good luck

Thank you, very unnerving to force myself to eat more when I have been low calorie for so long! Wholemeal bagel sounds good!

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Katieanne1984

It's important to refuel, especially after a gym workout. 😊

Annafrances35kg in reply to Katieanne1984

Impressive amount of gym work there! I am in awe. Yoghurt and some roasted nuts taste great and would give you extra.

oooh roasted nuts! they have been out my life for so long!

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Katieanne1984

Very good to see you Katieanne1984 So pleased you've joined us here. You'll get lots of lovely meal ideas and some good tips to help you along the way.

Your menu looks lovely. I know it's difficult trying to increase your calories. Why not have a handful of mixed nuts in the afternoon or before you go to the gym. Also are you using low fat Greek yoghurt? If so changing to full fat would help. It will definitely help if you try to reach towards the top range. That has certainly helped me.

Very best of luck

Have a great Tuesday.

I am on the low fat dairy so good suggestion on swapping up to full fat, this will give me extra calories without the extra volume

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Katieanne1984

I've kicked out all low fat dairy recently and feel better for it. So, good for you!

Tiggerr15kg in reply to Katieanne1984

Great menu Katieanne1984.

Anna61 has given you some ideas about topping up your calories. I used to use nuts quite a bit when I was short on my cals.

For me, I used to only choose 5% mince beef but nowadays I choose 20%. 15% extra fat provides more cals but is getting towards half the price as well.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Tiggerr

Same here Tiggerr not to mention better taste! I put so many veggies in it goes such a long way 😊

Tiggerr15kg in reply to IndigoBlue61

Likewise on the veggies

Your breakfast sounded great! I am late to this but had my usual breakfast

Granola, yoghurt, grapes, tea 320-350 cals

Lunch chicken salad and ryvita 300 calories

Spaghetti marinara - lots of interesting fish in tomato sauce with a small amount of spaghetti 500 cals

Naughty coffee (milk no sugar)

Should be doing 1440-1580

Leaves a lot for snacks and mostly eating nuts, fruit salad and green tea!

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Annafrances

Great menu Annafrances lots of variety, your fish sounds yummy!

Morgancando1st 7lbs in reply to Annafrances

Hi Annafrances. That's sounds a very varied and tasty menu. A bit short on calories as you say but hopefully you'll make up the shortfall in your snacks.

Very best of luck

Happy Tuesday.

The picture of a handful of fat is quite a stark reminder of what we're trying to lose! Will try to have that in my mind when heading for a slab of chocolate once the kids are in bed...

Today I'm enjoying...

50gms low sugar Alpen, milk and a banana

Left over frittata, salad with avocado and tsp of Hellmann light mayo

Homemade Spag Bol with 10% mince and salad

Snacks = 15g raisins and 8 almonds, pot of 55g custard, nectarine and an apple

Morgancando1st 7lbs

Hi Smal732. Some nice meals planned there especially the spag bol, one of my favourites!

Have you checked your BMI to see how many calories you should be having? I think you may find you're having to few. Just check it and see.

Glad you found the poster helpful and that you can avoid the chocs. BUT having said that when you know how many calories you need to lose weight then you can eat them as long as they are counted. No food is banned!

Very best of luck.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Morgancando

Yes, I agree with Morgancando Smal732 that doesnt look like very many calories 😕 Please double check your calorie target on the NHS BMI checker website

Best wishes



Thank you for hosting Morgancando some great menu choices today 😊

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