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Daily Diary for Saturday 12th August

Daily Diary for Saturday 12th August

Hello Daily Diarists!

I hope you’ve had a good week so far. Well it's the glorious 12th - anyone having grouse tonight??

Welcome to anyone posting for the first time, just look at what the others do and follow suit.

So, what have you planned to eat and drink on Saturday 12th August?

Tell us what your calorie intake should be and the total calories that each meal contains, what exercise you have planned and if you have a tip to share please do share it.

For all the regulars, I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for tomorrow – thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas! I am building up a new repertoire of fab recipes from this forum!

For those of you who might be interested, I have been logging on to this forum for 245 days now (I know trhat because I started MyFitnessPal the same day). I went down very, very slowly down from 10 st. 4lb to 9 st. 7lb, that’s where I am now, although I have been a bit lower. I am happy with that, but I would like to get to 9st 2lb eventually. I am 65 now and 5’ 3”, not a big frame, so that should give it some perspective. I was doing the 5:2 for the first three months, but I am now calorie counting and aiming to consume around 1400 cals per day.

Today didn't go to plan at all, because OH and I have been suffering from some kind of virus, I think - headache, nausea, exhaustion - and we haven't eaten at all today until this evening. Feeling a lot better now, thank goodness!

So tomorrow for breakfast I shall have an egg sandwich - boiled egg in a slice of bread, lots of pepper.

Lunch will be a Hairy Dieters’ ham salad wrap and a yogurt and dinner will be sirloin steak and salad.

I'm afraid I'm not doing much exercise since I lost my best canine walking pal, but I am getting out in the garden whenever I can.

I haven't totted it up yet, but after those 245 days on MyFitnessPal, I'm fairly confident ot will leave me enough for a glass of wine and some fruit for snacks.

My tip for the day? You can either make excuses, or you can make something happen. The time for action is now! It's never too late in the day to start something.

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Hi Trimmerteacher Thank you for hosting. I love your poster.. Never too late to make a change!!

Friday went well.

Saturday's menu looks like this...

Eggs & baked beans - 311

Avocado Sonoma chicken salad - 738

Total 1050 (TDEE maintenance 1552-500 = 1052)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog 👟👟 🐶

Tip for today... As you read through different posts.. Get involved by replying, hitting the like button.. asking a question or for a recipe.. Be as involved as you can be!!

Cheering everyone on 🎉🎉🎉


I love the sound of your salad, Minnie and wonder if it would be a good way for me to eat avocado, without the taste and texture putting me off? At the moment, I have to hide it in smoothies!


I used to mix it with cottage cheese, put it back in the skin and eat it like that.


Oh heck, that's a double yuck for me, wakywoo, because I don't like cottage cheese either! Thanks for trying to help though! :)




Also good in home made guacamole. You have coriander and chilli that taste more than the avocado. I did use it with a chipotle chicken recipe when I had guests. However OH had a clear out of my saved magazines with ' to keep' recipes 😡


I have eaten guacamole, but again, I'm not keen. I'm sorry to be so awkward! :o

Bless 'em!! :D


I think I will give up! It reminds me of my husband who keeps trying olives because he dislikes not liking anything.


We're just pests, aren't we!! I don't like olives either!! :D :D




I don't like cottage cheese or olives or any thing from them either!! But this salad is tasty 😉


I notice you are really going for it the last few days Minniewinny , at the bottom end of your TDEE, I hope you see a good result on the scales. Have a great weekend and enjoy that avocado Sonoma chicken salad, sounds delicious.


Good result last week of 2lbs down, this week 1 of them found me again 😂 But I am aware that I have increased my walking and doing a little run each way too!! Not a word that was associated with me for years!!


Well done you - arrrgghh just thought I start the C25K on Wednesday LOL

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Well done you.. I won't be aiming for too far with my runs. They will be short but regular!!

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If you change the course that you run every so often it can make a difference. Have you got a distance planned?

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For me at the moment it's from a hedge to the cow field! 😂😂.

I am aiming that by this time next year I can go from the hedge to the bridle track. I live in a little village of 160 houses, and I have a back and leg problem.. hence not aiming to build up fast or do too much.

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From the hedge to the cow field is further than what I do 😂

Best way is to just get used to it first then progress from that.

160 houses, you could do some rap door run once you get going a bit further 😉

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Sounds like a plan 😂🤣😂

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If you do play it don't forget to video it 😁


This is a work colleague dragging me along to the work C25K - talk about embarrassing - at least it is straight after work on a Wednesday so no getting home and saying I can't be bothered ;)

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I wish you great success with it Hidden

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Thanks :) I will need it :)


Lovely menu as always and fabby tip too :)

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Thanks Hidden 😊

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Hi Trimmerteacher

It's a bit bonkers here on holiday. So far for tomorrow I have planned a bacon sandwich, a dog walk and an espresso martini!

Will do my best to make good wholesome choices. Think I'm doing ok today.


Top tip. Take a break and don't panic!


Love your tip, Active_43 ! We have to live life, don't we? And I think I want to try an espresso martini 😊


I had to Google your espresso martini and now think it could be something I'd become addicted to, so I'd better steer clear!! :D

I hope you're enjoying your bonkers holiday! :D


Haha 😆


I daren't even look them up lol


Enjoy your bonkers holiday, sometimes they are the best :)

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Oh my word Trimmerteacher , espresso martinis are dangerous but I ❤️them!


Hi trimmerteacher...really like the picture..thanks. x


That's a great pic/tip, Tt! :)

I'm sorry to hear that you and your hubby were struck down with a lurgy and am pleased to hear that you're feeling better today.

You're doing brilliantly, slow and sure is definitely the way to go :)

I'm afraid that I've been all over the place this summer hols and planning has gone out of the window. I'm hanging in there for another week and will hopefully get organised after that. I'm aiming for:

Breakfast - porridge, cream, berries - 295

Lunch - corned beef salad, coleslaw, mayo - 665

Dinner - beef casserole, courgette, chard, mashed butternut squash - 350

Extras - 2 x coffee with cream - 275

Total - 1585


1 hour run

15 mins strength

My tip for the day:

As Scarlett O'Hara always said, 'Tomorrow is another day!' :)


Lovely menu - ooo not had corned beef for ages :)


Mmm corned beef, haven't had that for ages. Always reminds me of picnics and sandwiches as a child. Love it with pickle. I've made a ton of courgette chutney this week (no idea how many cals per tblsp!) but it won't be mature enough until November, so will have to wait for my corned beef and pickle!


Oh, what a great idea!! I shall be making chutney for my Christmas hampers and courgette chutney sound perfect!! Thanks! :)


I love chutney, my tomatoes might go the same way as not ripening up as much as they should be by now. Once made, very hard to resist opening those jars :)


Ooooh do you have a recipe ttt for courgette pickle?

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Morning trimmerteacher thanks for hosting. I was at the theatre watching fiddler on the roof - it was fabulous with Omid Djalili. He was brilliant. I had my planned ice cream and really enjoyed it.

Today my daughter and her boyfriend are coming down and my oh is off to see his mum.

B - melon and mango and skyr yoghurt - 150

L - scrambled eggs or boiled eggs with avocado and livlife toasted bread - 350

D - dinner out at the sailing club. A lovely place on a sandy beach. Probably salmon. 550

S - milk, fruit maybe a little treat - 350


Sounds a really good menu wakywoo . I bet Fiddler was brilliant! I saw it in London years ago with Topol, and that was excellent too. Well done for planning your ice cream! 🍦


Ooo I loved Fiddler on the roof :)

lovely menu for today too :) Enjoy the sailing club :)


Sounds lovely food wakywoo enjoy your evening out


You have done really well Trimmerteacher and so true about it never being too late to start. I thought it would be nearly impossible when I started at a fairly late vintage :) , but once I learned a LOT more about healthier eating it has become a new lifestyle.

Today my plans are vague as visitors arriving and not sure where we will have lunch or dinner, maybe a BBQ if weather's OK later. I did have my usual breakfast of oats , seeds, frozen fruit, Greek yoghurt 250 cals, so at least a good start to the day , calorie-wise.

Have a good day everyone.


Have a great day, whatever you do, Sailsalot :)

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Thanks Sailsalot . Healthy eating is key, as you say, and for all those out there of a more seasoned and venerable vintage, it is never ever too late to start! 😊


Hope you have a great time with your visitors and hope the weather is good for you to enjoy a BBQ :)

Hello All ! I'm here today and will be here every day for the next 7 days ! I'm looking for my mojo and Hidden suggested I might find it here - so here goes !

B - Porridge with banana and grapes - 250 cals.

L - Pub lunch with my buddy - checked the on-line menu and all things being well I will have a jacket potato with tuna and onion and a side salad - 440 cals.

D - Chunk of cod wrapped in chorizo with roasted mediterranean veg (all the end-of-the-week stuff lurking in the veg drawer in the fridge !!) - 500 cals

Will carefully work out the calories - but if all goes as above there will be sufficient left over from my 1,450 calories/day for a G'n'T (slimline) with lunch and a little dark chocolate after dinner.

I'll let you know how it goes x


Well done :) really hope it helps :)

I still have to do mine for today - I am currently trying to work out the calories for my tea :)

All sounds lovely Lin2303

Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher Glad you are feeling better now :)

Lovely menu and enjoy that glass of wine - great tip too :)

My menu for today

Breakfast - 4 naughty coffees - ooo dear, back to just 2 tomorrow :) and a bacon sandwich on Danish 410 cals

Lunch - not fancying what was planned which was chunky veg soup so may just take a leaf out of hubbys book and have a banana and avocado 160 cals

Second lunch - chunky veg soup 177 cals

Tea - I have just marinated some prawns in chilli, garlic and ginger they smell great already :) still got to work out the cals but having them chicken salad :) 398 cals

Will pop back and update the calories once I have them worked out :)

Edited = 1137 cals that leaves me with 326 cals still to use to get to the lower range - as I overspent last need to stay near lower range :) so will have some more fruit and a few nuts :)

Exercise - fingers tapping on the keyboard and a dog walk later :)

Tip - plan your menu for the week before you go food shopping, saves time and money and stops you buying naughty things too :)

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Good tip!

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I was so inspired by your post. You have such a fabulous attitude 😊. I feel bad that I never achieve to lose any weight ( 2 stone needs to come off ) I'm always coming up with excuses. You are so right when you say it's never too late. Though I walk most of the day that doesn't seem to help. I'm now going to try harder, thanks to you. X


Glad we have motivated you :)

Wishing you all the best on your journey :)

Why don't you start with a post of your own to introduce yourself and then join in on the Daily diary and pick a day to weigh in :)

Good for you, 1703 . Don't stop walking, that's so good for you. But the thing is, weight loss is 90% what you eat (I refuse to use the word diet - has negative connotations) and only 10% exercise. So start now!

Just think, if you lost just 1lb per week, you could have lost that two stone for Christmas! But don't try and think that far ahead, just think one day at a time. Gradually, despite the odd falling off the wagon, it really does become a habit. Admittedly starting is the hardest part, but you will see on here some of us have kept on starting again until finally with the support of this amazing forum, we eventually made it!

Looking forward to seeing you here more often. 😊


Thank you Trimmerteacher for hosting today's Daily Diary. You did a fantastic job.

The Daily Diary for Saturday 12 August 2017 in is now closed

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