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Foods important but don't forget about your drinks

Its been a great lazy day today which has given me time to catch up on reading all the great posts on here. I decided to read the NHS weight loss home page and it took me to all kinds of interesting places. One particular place was the Drinkaware website. If you haven't seen it it's worth a read.

It has an app which is really useful if you want to track what you drink.

Now I like a tipple during a night out with friends but had no idea how many calories or importantly units where in drinks. I usually find out after I've drank it and logged onto MyFitnessPal. But this site logs all drinks.

There is also some great articles on the effects of alcohol on your body and weight.

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It is very eye opening isn't it :)

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I know it's really bad but cokes and alcohol is my downfall. I will try to get better.

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That's really interesting, I've just signed up or the emails!


I've tried my best to cut out caloric drinks. I now mostly drink flavoured sparkling water, which is usually sweetened with sucralose.

Sucralose isn't perfect, but is much better than sugar, imo. Some people say that artificial sweetened drinks increase cravings, but I haven't really had a huge problem with cravings, and have not noticed a correlation, personally. muscleforlife.com/artificia...

But, I have heard it can trigger blood sugar or affect insulin levels, mainly because the body thinks that it's recieving sugar. I haven't experienced any of these problems also.

I sometimes drink tropical juice, but how much I drink depends mostly on the sugar content. Some are worse than others. Some seem to be as bad as a can of coke in terms of its sugar.

I like to drink teas now. I usually have this at night time, when I do not want to be eating. I've started to like lemon tea, and I usually sweeten it with Canderel (sucralose).

I'm trying to drink more water, but it doesn't taste so good, and I don't think it's sustainable for me. A study I read showed that sweetened beverages can be a tool to long-term weight loss. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

The sweetened beverages have been helpful for me thus far in losing weight. It's hard to have cold water in our house, because the cold water tap in the kitchen is incredibly weak!

After reading over the articles again, I may try to switch to water as part of my "experimentations".


Now that I think about it, I think the drinks is what is causing my plateau. Every single day I have at least two large 44oz cokes, three 15oz orange juices and alcohol to make three screwdrivers. I just did the math on all that and it is a terrible amount of calories to have on a daily basis. Thanks for opening my eyes. No more cokes will be my plan to start and alot more water for sure.




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