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Pre birthday treats??

My other half and one of my best friends decided to treat me today with a surprise of a big triple chocolate birthday cake that was very thickly sliced up between everyone. I literally have no idea how many calories to add to my fitatu planner for that :'( it did taste nice but now I feel so sick because of it too as I really shouldn't eat that much creamyness let alone the massive blip in the diet. Oh well you only have a birthday once per year I guess?!?!?

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It was a one off, you ate it and enjoyed it so no point feeling guilty, time to draw a line under it and move forward 😀


Thanks huni xxx I think my tummy will be punishing my for the night though xxx


Well youhavefoundout what you aren't so keenoneating

That sounds healthy and it is nice that people love you enough to give you a treat

Tomorrow is another day


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