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My keto Easter treats

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Thought I would post the Easter treats I've made to help me resist temptation.

They are all low carb and sugar free, some turned out better than others, the walnut and brandy truffles taste wonderful, as do the hot cross buns. Haven't tried the cake or bunny or eggs yet.

Happy Easter everyone x

11 Replies
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You've been very creative, Loraine. What a treat :)

StillConcerned profile image

Long-term keto doesn't agree with me, but I am impressed with this. Well done!

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siggie1st 7lbs

Looks 😋😋


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Oh wow Loraine. They look really tasty. What kind of cake is it? xx

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Loraine518Host in reply to springersrule

Thank you springersrule, it's a keto Easter egg cake, made with almond and coconut flour, the eggs are made with keto marzipan, which I love.

The link to the recipe is below xx

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springersruleModerator in reply to Loraine518

Thanks Loraine, i havent come across that site before. I shall be taking a closer look 😊😊 xx

Wow, they look wonderful. I'd be happy to eat any of those. I love truffles especially.

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Loraine518Host in reply to

Thank you Mitzy200, I don't usually bother, but then struggle to resist the traditional goodies.

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Dear Loraine, you are wished a very Happy Easter. Hope you enjoy your Easter treats but remember to have some “proper food” too. 🙂🐇🐣🥮👍🌿

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Loraine518Host in reply to Biomet

Thanks Biomet, we have our meals planned for today and I won't be eating them all myself 😊

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