ATM Hungry at wotk

Oh my, I am soo hungry. I,ve alredy eaten one 93 kcal shortbread, but I want more! Cashew nuts are also staring at me.

I had a good breakfast and tasty smoothie. In 40 min I'll have my great strawberry salad. If i'd eat it now, I'd get very hungry again around 2pm, so 2h before end of work, which would probably lead to eating everything and anything.


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29 Replies

  • I hate it when that happens! I'm trying my hardest to avoid the chocolate cake that was brought in yesterday!

    Have a drink and get up to stretch your legs. And hide the cashews and shortbread so they can't see you anymore. ;)

  • I put an apple in front of them to guard me and soothingly look at me :)

    I finished my big coffee which helped a lot as well.

    Now, it's time for my gorgeous salad.

  • Glad you managed to stave them off! :)

  • My guess is that's because of the amount of fructose that you've eaten, Iga. Have a look at this

    Instead of eating more fructose, you should maybe consider a high fat meal, which will be satiating and stop the cravings.

  • I am now worried about fruit consumption. I know they have plenty of vitamins and minerals, loaded with antioxidants.

    But you may be right and I should limit it a little. Although it's summer time, the best moment to eat them is in season.

  • If you think of our ape ancestors, they would eat fruit in season, mainly berries and nothing like the over-developed, sugary fruits that have been developed for our palates now, eg, the difference between a Golden Delicious and a crab apple! :)

    I tend not to have more than two portions a day and stick to mainly berries :)

  • I have berries for breakfast every weekday. Today I also had blueberries in my smoothie.

    Apes had fruits in season, and that's what I'm doing now ;)

  • IgaT you could add healthy seeds like pumpkin, sunflower or sesame to your smoothies as it will help regulate blood sugar and keep you satiated longer

  • I'll ty that although I have really weak blender, so it can't handle very small or hard pieces.

  • I feel your pain, sat in an office all day can get a bit repetitive and I always used to snack or have a coffee just so my brain was doing something else. Have you tried water, I always have a pint glass (as for me a bottle is just to intimidating) and when I felt peckish I would fill it up and quite literally force myself to drink it. it sounds daft but you feel so much better after. I hope this helps. Good Luck

  • I have bottle (1L) wiyh water next to me, and I drink it regularly.

    Now I ate quite a few cashew nuts but I'm still hungry :(

  • Well done for getting to lunchtime with only one diversion, IgaT. I agree with moreless about the fructose and fat, I recommend Dr Robert Lustig's book about sugar "Fat Chance" which includes a very detailed and clear description of the various metabolic, hormonal and neurological processes involved in the metabolism of different sugars. I love my fruit but I do space it out 1 portion at a time and eat it either at the end of a meal or often with nuts. I have T2 diabetes and though I've successfully managed it for many years to a point where I'm not on medication any more I am aware that if I eat a lot of fruit I get a spike and crash as my overactive insulin response kicks in.

    Have a great afternoon!

  • For next week planning, I'll try to go more veggies less fruits (also in my smoothies).

    So next week will be all about protein to keep me full with only few fruits here and there.

  • My mum was a diabetic. I learnt from her that fruit is good, but in moderation, and berries are lower sugar, so best.

    🌸 enjoy in moderation.

  • I'll try limit fruits to morning forest berries and 1 portion during the day (e.g. apple with peanut butter or banana).

  • Sounds lovely. Natural but fairly low sugar with natural fat and protein. I'm learning that I did not eat enough protein and not be scared of fat. Bet that the same for lots of newbies. Take care. 🌸

  • I've learnt that I am not eating enough protein, but I find it hard to hit my daily goal. With healthy fats was quite easy, just have 1 or 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, or add half of an avocado to a smoothie or salad. Proteins are still a struggle and fibres without increasing largely carbs.

  • Hi IgaT, perhaps add some good quality whey protein powder to your smoothie to increase protein intake without too much effort? Might help. EJ

  • Keep focused on what is healthy and chin up,! We're walking together


  • I consider myself a healthy eater for past years. No soda, no coke, or other sugary drinks, if juice than half with water, teas with 1 tsp of honey (instead of white sugar) - for past weeks (I think approx. 2 months) I drink without honey or sugar. I switched for black coffee, no milk (as I become lactose sensitive, not I think intolerant) with 1 tsp of sugar (I cannot drink it without), but I drink only 1 per day. Very rarely alcohol or cakes. I substantially decreased biscuits / cookies / crisps, although I wasn't eating a lot of them to start with (no more than 1 pack per week, apart from PMS week). I rarely eat pizza (once a month or every other month), the same with ice-creams, or other fast foods.

    I almost always cook from scratch by myself. I rarely go to the restaurants, and usually I'm picking not so bad meals like salmon or sea food, maybe curry or sushi.

    Apart from quitting adding anything sweet to my teas, starting to drink more herbal teas and more recently pure water, I haven't changed my diet much. OK, I did last month when I joined here, as I tried to do some more drastic changes, as eating QUITE healthy apparently wan't enough. So I almost don't eat bread (or bread rolls), I eat more veggies, I eat/drink smoothies (as SlimFast, that was keeping me full for 4 hours, contain lactose and resulted in painful bloating) - but apparently I need to change them somehow as I eat too many fruits.

  • You need to live a little and enjoy life

  • Hunger is your friend!

  • Is it? How?

  • I like to think of it as my body gnawing up my fat cells!

  • :-) :-) nice thought!

  • Indeed. Next time I'll be hungry, I try to think like that ;)

  • Please don't drink more water to full you up stay with it

  • Why I should not drink more water?

  • Because it will may you feel fuller

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