Lady question - monthly gluttony

How do you cope with hunger? I am on my second day of period and I am hungry ALL THE TIME!!! I ate huge meal 40min ago (fish, potatoes, salad with red cabbage, carrot, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, olive oil) and I feel hungry. I am not thirsty, as I am drinking herbal teas, water, watered juiced (50% water 50% juice) constantly. I was eating thought the day (every approx 2 hours), porridge breakfast with yoghurt and fruits, salad, green smoothie, apple.

I just feel hungry all the time. It isblike thos for couple of days every month. How do you overcome it?


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4 Replies

  • I think you just have to ride it out, Iga. Steer clear of processed foods and fill up on plenty of vegetables and natural fat, then grit your teeth and wait for the cravings to pass.

    Do things to take your mind off it and, remember, it's only for a couple of days :)

  • You do, magnésium ok does help, I took it for a few yrs, made by wassen

  • I am taking Mg as supplement for few months already :)

  • Thank you. I made myself very busy and ate healthy dinner :) big, but healthy.

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