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I was inspired by Blue Lady's postings

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And you know, if we can make our own food and drinks it will keep us healtier.

If we don't know how to cook then now is the time to learn as we must take time on preparing the very healthiest food to eat.

Easy to say, difficult to do sometimes but it is processed food and lazy eating that is the killer.

I read a fantastic point made by an American commentator....he said: Eat as much junk food as you like as long as you make it yourself....

So imagine the burgers, the buns, the humus, the cakes etc - then think of how you would make them from scratch....you soon see the whopping unhealthy ingredients or, in seemingly healthy food like humus, how fattening the combination can be. Take for example cake...often you are asked to take 200g of butter etc etc...and all the rest...sure, why not as a treat but as long as you realise exactly what has gone in to it (and you can freeze the rest in small portions as treats for others, to eat another day so you can ration yourself).

All too easy to buy biscuits and cakes and not look at what is in them. Make them, then you see! And then you realise they have to be a once in a while.

We all need to eat a variety of food that is seasonal and delicious - it is our responsablity, no one else's for our weight and our general health and well being (in the sense of doing what we can...)

We should consider food more, respect it more...think about where it comes from....and choose to only eat great stuff or, at the very least, the best of what we can afford. And we can all afford to eat more and better if we prepare food ourselves without wasting anything...and, as mentioned earlier, learning to cook if we don't know. Not knowing about calories, nutrition, cooking and avoiding food waste is a big fat sin!

8 Replies
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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Thank you Mike, most of my meals off and scratch I give you an example of my pumpkin soup

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Happyman5Visitor in reply to Bluelady-sing

Excellent choices bluelady, both potatoes and pumpkin are nutritious. Your breakfast was also very nice, even the sugary pomegranate juice was okay as it was a very small amount, moderation is key.I did buy some pita bread yesterday after seeing your post, something I hadn't done in years..absolutely love it with a pork and salad filling..made it the minute we got back from shopping..bought enough for the freezer as well 😋

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MikeinLondonVisitor in reply to Bluelady-sing

Bravo! What a wonderful soup to make and it will serve you well!

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You make some interesting points . I had an eye opener when working in what I thought was an affluent town down South . Some people had very limited sometimes dirty shared cooking facilities others struggling to pay utilities. We take for granted we all have these . Hence people surviving on junk . I am one of the fortunate ones so what you write resonates.

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Hip2Restart Dec 2022 in reply to focused1

I am also one of the fortunate ones I put money away so I can buy hampers for Christmas that lasts use for the rest of the year and all I have to get is the essential. But sometimes when it comes to meal time my daughter would ask what's for tea and I would say that we have nothing in she just laugh and point at the freezer and fridge.🤣

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

I am an organic grower of fruit and vegetables in winter is very challenging.Here's my new lifestyle

1) park walk daily ( weather permitting)

2) meal planners

3) 1509 Cal's a day.

4):Gym ( weekend pass)

5) fitness Dvd alternative days

Cut out sugar and salt

6) weight check alt days

67.3 yesterday 68.2 k today

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Chocolate allowance is 3 plain choc squares allowed?

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StillConcernedVisitor in reply to Bluelady-sing

I would think so provided you remove the equivalent amount of fructose, carbohydrate and calories to stay within your target parameters.

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