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Thank You and Wegovy question

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I want to thank each of the administrators and contributors for your presence with HealthUnlocked. You are greatly appreciated. And to the contributors, thank you so much for sharing.

I want to know if anyone is presently or has had in the past Wegovy for weightloss. If you have had it, what were your results, side effects and how long did you take it.

I have tried everything on my own to lose weight. I am prediabetic and every day, I think I get closer to full blown diabetes. I also have fatty liver. And I don't need anything else going on. My doctor wants to put me on this medicine.

As of today, I have not been able to adhere to a diet for longer than 2 weeks. I need help PLEASE!!

If I'm not supposed to do this, I apologize.

8 Replies
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I have no personal experience of Wegovy, Chubster55, but in your position, these are the questions I would be asking myself:

Wegovy claims to be able to help you lose 'up to' 15% of your body weight, which actually means between 0% and 15%.

It claims to make you feel fuller and less hungry, which won't help anyone with a binge eating disorder, or an emotional eater.

It could cost around $1,300 per month to buy.

You'll need to inject yourself weekly.

You will still need to stick to a 'diet and exercise' plan for it to be effective.

What happens when you stop taking it?

This is a list of the side effects

Mild gastrointestinal side effects are common when taking Wegovy.

The most common side effects include:




Abdominal pain




Serious side effects are rare, but still possible.

If you experience any of the following, please seek emergency treatment:

Ongoing pain that begins in the upper left or middle of the stomach but may spread to the back, with or without vomiting

Rash or itching

Swelling of the eyes, face, mouth, tongue, or throat

Difficulty breathing or swallowing

Decreased urination

Swelling of legs, ankles, or feet

Vision changes

Fainting or dizziness

Pain in upper stomach

Yellowing of skin or eyes


Clay-colored stools

Rapid heartbeat

It's not a panacea for all weight problems.

If I were you, I would make a list of the pros and cons and then make a decision based on my own, personal situation.

Type 2 diabetes, a fatty liver and excess weight can all be dealt with by following a low carb eating plan, as long as you're being optimally treated for the hypothyroidism. The correct treatment may even help all three, with no extra requirements.

I wish you good luck with whatever you decide :)

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morelessAdministrator in reply to moreless

PS You may find this useful :)

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Chubster55Visitor in reply to moreless

AWESOME things to consider. Thank you! Will also check out the resources. Blessings and thank you again!

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Chubster55

You're very welcome :)

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Chubster55Visitor in reply to moreless

You are truly AWESOME!! I read all the information. It was very informative and useful. Making a diet plan for myself and hopefully I can adhere for an indefinite period making a lifestyle of it. Thanks again. Won't be taking Wegovy.

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Chubster55

Good for you! :)

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Trierisme1st 7lbs in reply to moreless

That’s an excellent thoughtful reply.

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Trierisme

Thank you, Trierisme :)

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