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Ooooh, a naughty week!

After reaching my initial target weight last week I have lost the plot somewhat since then. I decided to up my daily calorie allowance from 12 to 1400 daily (as I always felt hungry on 1200) but still only managed to keep within my limits on 3 days this week!

I hardly dare weigh myself tomorrow as I expect I'll be showing an increase. Groan......

Still, I have my new Omron step counter to get set up so I'm hoping that'll revitalise my enthusiasm for this 12 Week Weight Loss plan.

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You never know you may still loose weight- I have been on 1400/day since late January and I have lost weight- sometimes not eating enough means you put on weight because of boy goes into starvation mode so stores all available calories for future deprivation.

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Hi battlethebulge. Just a thought but maybe your brain is chilling out after concentrating all that time to reach your initial goal.

I'm not so sure you have sabotaged yourself (judging from the calories you're writing about) but if you have, maybe just look at this week gone by as a little bit of a holiday. Feel refreshed that you were able to take a bit of time off and then go back to all the basics that you employed on Day 1.

Just wondering... Is 1200 what the NHS BMI calculator recommends? If it is then try drinking more water to try and alleviate that feeling of hunger.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow and beyond!


I totally sympathise, because It's happened to me too this week! I've reached 1.5 stone off and even though I knew I shouldn't be eating what I've eaten, I've still gone ahead and eaten it. Haven't ran this week yet either. I'm so cross with myself :x

But hey, today's a new day, let's get back to it. We've done really well so far and the blip is behind us now. I'm going running mid morning, you get some steps on your Omron, all good..xx


Hey, thanks all of you for your motivational comments, this forum is just brilliant for picking you up when you're in danger of heading for a downer.

ANewMe, yeah, I'll be out this morning measuring my stride pattern so that I can get my Omron set up properly.

Tigerr, the NHS 12 "Week Plan recommends 1400 a day for women but the MyFitnessPal site says 1200. I was trying to go with that, with the hope of burning off the fat quicker, but by this week I'd got so fed up with feeling hungry all the time I upped it to 1400. As RG07 comments, my body may have been going into starvation mode with the lower calorie allowance.

Sorry not to be posting individual replies but I'm still getting the odd problem with making posts. Good luck everyone for the coming week, and thanks for your support!

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It is actually best to go by what the bmi calculator. This knows through the NHS what your calorie intake should actually be between. This gives you different amounts you can eat between and most of us also follow the higher amounts of the bmi calories and still lose weight, when thing are getting difficult you can drop the calorie intake then, but if you are eating the lower amount you have no amounts to drop to as your body actually needs at least this amount in a day. I wasn't eating enough calories before so was putting weight on all the time because my body thought I was starving it. It then turned this into body fat which weighs more than calories weigh. This meant I always put on weight. Now I eat more and weigh less. Some weeks I lose 2 or 3lbs in a week. I lose more than put on as well.


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