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Okay, this isn't health related. Well it kind of is but not for weight. I haven't had a blink of sleep because I was woken up, 15 minutes into closing my eyes! I have a 9 hour shift at work and all I have to help me get through it are some 'pro plus' capsules. Has anyone had to face this before, how can I feel more awake and stay active throughout the day! Need some advice ASAP!!!😓😴


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  • Hi jack99.i have been like you for 7 months now. I can't take and don't want to take sleeping tablets. I am however starting sleep therapy on Wednesday, I only ever have 4 hours sleep every night, I don't work due to chronic illness that will only get worse over time but I have had this 9 yrs now. Are you going to bed and expecting to wake ? Any problems that are worrying you? I never force myself to go to bed until I start to nod off. Hope you find some answers soon; just like me .😊

  • Thank you, I've struggled to sleep for the past year. I haven't got anything on my mind right now, I think it's just because of past issues with family that have kept me up so much and on such little sleep that I permanently struggle to wake up or go to sleep! My sleep pattern is ruined. I haven't been to a doctor as its not always so bad, I try and try but it's impossible to fall asleep when you're wide awake. I've put my phone down, tossed and turned and still no hope. I eventually feel tired around 6am but this is always when I would normally wake up for work so I don't have any time to sleep! If I fall asleep now then I won't wake up and I don't like missing work no matter what. I just need suggestions on how to feel awake and have energy because I am so stuck on ideas!

  • Your welcome, I think mine has to do with losing my dad to cancer. He passed away 4 years ago .since then I have struggled with sleep issues. But has been really bad now since last September. Drs will ask you the same as me , they only fob you off with sleeping tablets and I am not going down that road. Forcing yourself to sleep and worrying about it won't help. Infant it will only contribute to it. Go see your Dr and ask for referral for a sleep anxiety therapist .it must be very taxing on you physically due to work .all i can say is you are not on your own. There are loads of us out there like us .seek therapy, you have nothing to lose.

  • Hi, we do need sleep to help weight loss so your lost is relevant to weight loss. If you are sleepy you need energy to keep going which can mean you eat more which makes weight loss harder. To keep awake to you will need to drink a lot of water and obviously tea/coffee helps. I have never taken pro plus but all that caffeine will stop you sleeping later causing the cycle to carry on so I would try to avoid it. I would eat protein to get energy and get fresh air to stay awake. Try to avoid pro plus if you can.

    To go to sleep I would avoid having phone near bedroom, I find playing on that makes me more awake. Also if you check news etc during the night it stops you relaxing.

    I would read a book/magazine after having a bath, all the usual stuff.

    Being sleepy is really difficult. I wish you luck to get it sorted! 😴

  • I found some good tips here

  • Oh now this is just what I need.@Ellamidlands . I am hoping therapy will maybe help sort things out .thankyou for the link 😊

  • Hello there, I'm a night shiftworker so I know all about getting woken up and not getting back to sleep. Power naps work best for me, 20-25 minutes is best (studies have shown). If you have a coffee just before you nod off then the caffeine will just be kicking in as you wake up, but I find the power nap alone works like magic. Hope this is of some help. Good luck

  • I had difficulty in getting to sleep and still do to an extent. I need white noise or I just can't nod off. Whether something is bothering me or just a song playing on repeat in my head, I need it there to help me drift off. It works for me.

  • Morning Jack99

    Sorry to hear you didn't sleep last night and that your facing a long day at work on no sleep. Have you spoke to your GP about your sleep or should I say lack of it? Can you explain to work that you didn't sleep last night and could you book the day or half day as holiday so you can get some rest?


  • I had issues with sleep for many years. What works for me is chamomile tea, a couple of cups in the evening and if I am awake in the night I get up and have another one. Simple breathing exercises to relax me, breathing in deeply through your nose to the count of 3 and exhaling through your mouth to the count of 6. You have to concentrate so helps to relax the mind. Using a good visual meditation CD can make all the difference when you are lying awake at night. Don't lie in bed getting annoyed, it just makes it worse, get up have a cup of chamomile, read or doing something calming, or just practice the breathing and then return to bed. You could try Kalms, for night time from Holland and Barratt. I hope you find something that works for you - a bad sleep pattern is exhausting.

  • Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra or the World Service are usually so boring during the night that I drop off to sleep. I listen through headphones so that I don't disturb my partner.

  • Hi Jack,

    Have a look through this section of HealthUnlocked

    It might help 😊

  • Some more potential useful info.

  • HI, you've had a lot of good advice and I hesitate to add more. I sleep badly most of the time which is debilitating. If you get overtired and rattled and more and more twitchy because you know you're going to feel lousy the next day and things are going from bad to worse,what I do is take a Nytol which can be bought in a chemist. They used to taste quite herby and ' good for you ' so I told myself, but they seem to have changed the formula. However, one still works for me if I'm desperate.

    Unlike someone else, I find radio 4extra and the World Service quite interesting at times though I can seldom remember what I've been listening to. Good luck.

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